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Dear Steph And Chey: You Are Soooooooo Busted
Commentary  |  1/31/2007  | 
Apparently, the new, electronic way for schoolkids to pass notes to each other is to leave comments on random blogs. The reason I know this is because two girls named "steph" and "chey" have been leaving messages on this blog.
Google Profits Nearly Triple In Fourth Quarter
News  |  1/31/2007  | 
Partner sites through Google's AdSense programs contributed $1.2 billion to the search engine's coffers.
Defense Tech Agency Picks Vendors For $12.2 Billion Systems Upgrade
News  |  1/31/2007  | 
EDS, Lockheed Martin, CACI, Booz Allen Hamilton, Science Applications International and SRA International will share a slice of improving the Encore II program.
Google Exec Coaxes IT Managers Toward Online Software
News  |  1/31/2007  | 
Dave Girouard suggests users should be less cautious and be willing to turn over more of the applications to Google.
Demo 07 Conference Showcases Encrypted Messaging, Inkless Printing
News  |  1/31/2007  | 
A wide range of products shown at Demo 07 -- new encryption technology, inkless printing, a Web-based shipping system for small businesses, and even some enterprise applications -- hightlight a new trend in technology.
Second Life Is Hard To Use -- Is That A Bug Or A Feature?
Commentary  |  1/31/2007  | 
Second Life is hard to use. Everybody knows it. I've logged something like 20 hours on SL in the past week and a half, and I'm still a consummate klutz. SL needs to be easier to use -- but not too easy, because if it was easy, it would undercut the nature of the world and remove one of its most appealing qualities.
The (Few) Ways Vista Makes Office Work Better
News  |  1/31/2007  | 
Office 2007 gains some extra oomph when run on Windows Vista rather than on Windows XP.
Blogger Smackdown At AlwaysOn
Commentary  |  1/31/2007  | 
Last night's final panel at the AlwaysOn conference in NYC, "Panel: Can Brands Get Away with 'Buzz Marketing' in the Blogosphere?", was the best session so far at this show. It was chock-full of emotion, idealism, and all the kinds of ideas you hope to see on stage at a conference. The session was moderated by CKS Partners founder Bill Cleary and included super-bloggers Jeff Jarvis and
The Most Unusual Person In Second Life
Commentary  |  1/30/2007  | 
Ida Keen is the most unusual person I've met in Second Life. You'll recall that the people I've met in SL include Dirjha Summers, an exotic dancer who works in a midnight city prowled by vampires and demons, along with Tateru Nino, an androgynous figure in a long robe who works in an office floating high in the clouds. Ida Keen, however, is an ordinary woman who lives, along with her husband, in an approximate reproduction of her grandmother's house on the Florida shore. She wears jeans, a sweat
Reporter's Notebook: The Road to Demo 07
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
The theme this year seems to be sharing, as opposed to last year's, which was searching.
NeuStar Will Operate .tel Top-Level Domain
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
Users can use a .tel domain name to initiate communication over telephony, VoIP, instant messaging, e-mail, SMS, and other Web communications, the company says.
Microsoft Needs To Go Nimble After Vista
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
One Gartner analyst argues that Web-based applications, and by extension, Web properties like Google, are the future.
HP's ProCurve Networking Passes Nortel, Sets Sights On Cisco
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
HP's network division aims to make the network simpler, increase workers' productivity, and fortify security.
FalconStor Works On Storage For Chinese Government
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
The first step will be to build a research lab to develop data protection and remote disaster recovery products.
Jim Gray, Noted Database Researcher, Missing At Sea
Commentary  |  1/30/2007  | 
Jim Gray, 63, the noted database researcher, veteran of stints at IBM, Tandem Computers, and most recently Microsoft, is missing at sea. He set out Sunday morning to do something that I have done twice, sail from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge across 27 miles of ocean to the Farallon Islands. He hasn't returned.
What Happens In Second Life, Stays In SL
Commentary  |  1/29/2007  | 
Role-playing is an essential part of Second Life. But some people take it more seriously than others. Some people act as if Second Life really is a second life -- as if the person who exists in that virtual world really is a different person from the one in the real world.
3Com Launches Open Platform For Service Providers
News  |  1/29/2007  | 
Early partners include VMware, Converged Access, Vericept, and Q1 Labs.
Get Me The Geeks? Oh, Please!
Commentary  |  1/28/2007  | 
Apparently, computers and TVs are now so complicated they can only be set up by people who stay at home Saturday nights reading technical manuals. That's how 60 Minutes portrayed it Sunday, on a segment called Get Me The Geeks.
The First Celebrity Of Second Life Says She Was Misquoted
Commentary  |  1/26/2007  | 
Anshe Chung just e-mailed me to correct some statements in my earlier blog post. She says she never engaged in cybersex for Linden Dollars. She compares what she did to what a geisha does: "A geisha is not paid for sex, although an individual geisha may choose to pursue sexual relationships with men she meets through her work."
Adobe Turns PDF Over To Standards Body
News  |  1/26/2007  | 
The submission comes as the specification must now compete with Microsoft's XPS format.
It's Not A Best-Seller, But Better Read It Anyway
Commentary  |  1/26/2007  | 
It's not going to make it onto the New York Times best-seller list, but the IT Infrastructure Library just might save your job. If you've ever seen things go disastrously wrong, then come to the understanding it was going to happen again--that's the time to read the ITIL titles.
My Dinner With Google
Commentary  |  1/26/2007  | 
I drove from San Francisco down to Mountain View last night to attend a dinner with members of the Google Apps and Google Enterprise teams. I rented a Zip Car for the occasion, since my car wasn't available and public transport wasn't an option. The car was a Cooper Mini. It's a fun little car. It had XM Radio and I have to say I was impressed with the sound quality. But I digress.
Everything You Want Out Of Life: Computer Games, Money, And Sex
Commentary  |  1/26/2007  | 
Pity me, my job is such torture. I've been spending a lot of the last week explicitly, and with the enthusiastic support of my managers and colleagues, doing an activity which gets people fired from most rational jobs. I've been messing around with computer games. Specifically, the virtual world known as Second Life.
Second Life's First Celebrity
Commentary  |  1/26/2007  | 
Second Life has produced one authentic celebrity so far: Anshe Chung, who claims a financial worth of $1 million real-life, American dollars for creating and selling virtual goods and services. I interviewed her for two hours yesterday evening in Second Life, and woke up this morning with a new appreciation of how slippery identity and reality is in Second Life.
Linux Mobile Foundation Created To Promote Open Source Software For Mobile Devices
News  |  1/26/2007  | 
Members include Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics, and Vodafone.
Second Life Slowdown
Commentary  |  1/25/2007  | 
Today, I took off my pants in public and discovered I have no genitals. I also gave myself a new appearance in Second Life. Other than that, the day's gameplay so far has been pretty disappointing.
Skype Unveils New Features For Business
News  |  1/25/2007  | 
The company augments its service with VoIP call management and other features to help bolster its underperforming bottom line.
Metaphorical Cold Water In Virtual Worlds
Commentary  |  1/25/2007  | 
John Kusters is an enthusiastic World of Warcraft player. Nonetheless, he poured cold water on one of the main theses of my article: That virtual worlds, like World of Warcraft and Second Life, are becoming mainstream. He says they're inherently solitary pursuits, and therefore appeal to solitary people, who are comfortable spending hours at a time alone in front of their computers.
Discuss: Will SATA Rule Enterprise Storage?
Commentary  |  1/25/2007  | 
All the research data agrees: SATA already acoounts for the overwhelming majority of all desktop drives currently being sold, and is well on its way to taking the lead in notebook storage too. However, most analysts expect that enterprise storage will remain predominately SCSI, although I'm not so sure about it.
The Palm OS Clings To Life
News  |  1/25/2007  | 
Palm, the smartphone maker, faces a challenge because it uses an operating system with an uncertain future, and it has a limited ability to change the perception that the "Palm OS is dead."
Users Bash New Google Groups
News  |  1/24/2007  | 
The discussion service sheds its "beta" status with a look and feel of Gmail and therein lies the problem for an irate few.
CompTIA Applauds Bush's Tech-Centric Agenda
News  |  1/24/2007  | 
The technology association sees many opportunities between the President's State of the Union goals and the needs of the tech industry.
Seaport Hotel In-Room Portal Converges Voice, Web Services
News  |  1/24/2007  | 
The so-called SeaPortal is unique because it combines telephone and Web services over a service-oriented architecture.
In A Virtual Den Of Vice And Iniquity, Your Feet Don't Stick To The Floor
Commentary  |  1/24/2007  | 
I had my first visit to Mature-rated area of Second Life. It wasn't on purpose. Message to my wife: You hear that? I didn't do it on purpose! Do I have to keep sleeping on the couch?
Microsoft's Ajax Framework Ready For Download
News  |  1/24/2007  | 
ASP.Net Ajax 1.0 is available, but will Web developers bite?
Interview With Science-Fiction Writer Charles Stross About Virtual Worlds
Commentary  |  1/23/2007  | 
This research into virtual worlds and online gaming is taking me to some weird places. So to speak. Today, I'm totally jazzed because I got to interview one of my favorite writers, Charles Stross, a science-fiction author, former tech journalist, programmer, and veteran of two dot-coms. I talked to Charlie about his upcoming novel, Halting State, set 12 years in the future, in a world where virtual worlds have become mainstream.
GeoCommons Promises Free Data for Map Mashups
News  |  1/23/2007  | 
A new social network looks to tap into auto-generated maps to allow for various analyses.
Tech Lobby Offers Direction On Net Neutrality
News  |  1/23/2007  | 
The Center for Democracy and Technology asks Congress to use kid gloves when exerting any greater control over Internet content or design.
Toronto Readies Massive Downtown Hotspot
News  |  1/23/2007  | 
OneZone will be Canada's largest and fastest Wi-Fi network.
Microsoft Pays Blogger To 'Correct' Wikipedia Entry
News  |  1/23/2007  | 
Topologi's Rick Jelliffe will offer Redmond's spin on public articles pertaining to the ODF/OOXML standard.
Intel Upgrades Centrino With 802.11n
News  |  1/23/2007  | 
The chipmaker will begin to identify which Intel-based laptops have the next-generation wireless component.
Alcatel-Lucent Stock Swoons On Financial Report
News  |  1/23/2007  | 
Analysts are critical of the pre-earnings news only a few months after the dust settled on the mega-merger.
Second Life, First Impression 2: "Your Clothing Is Still Downloading"
Commentary  |  1/22/2007  | 
This afternoon I learned to walk, and fly, and fix my hair. I picked up a beachball and put it on a table, I'm ready to leave Orientation Island and go out into the real world. Or, rather, the real, virtual world of Second Life.
SuccessFactors Launches Simplicity Lab
News  |  1/22/2007  | 
The online human resource management software provider takes a different approach to end user experiences.
Google May Get Game
News  |  1/22/2007  | 
If Adscape Media is acquired, expect to see more in-game ads take a slice of the industry's expected $732 million in ad dollars by 2010.
Second Life, First Impression: I Find My First Life Pretty Confusing Already
Commentary  |  1/22/2007  | 
I'm now ready to make a pronouncement about Second Life, based on well under an hour of experience with it this morning: It's pretty confusing. Also, my hair looks terrible.
Virtualization, Solaris Win In Sun, Intel Pact
News  |  1/22/2007  | 
Telecos and financial services businesses running custom Solaris programs are expected to benefit the most.
'Storm' Spam Surges, Infections Climb
News  |  1/22/2007  | 
Newer versions of the spam dumped more infected messages into in-boxes and duped an increasing number of users to launch the files and thus compromise their computers.
U.S. Remains Dirtiest Spammer, But China Makes More Malware
News  |  1/22/2007  | 
Sophos said U.S.-based computers were responsible for sending 22% of the year's spam, with China second at 15.9% and South Korea third at 7.4%.
Virtual Worlds: The Next Big Thing Or Next Big Nothing?
Commentary  |  1/22/2007  | 
Are virtual world and online games like World of Warcraft and Second Life what the Internet will look like in coming years? A few people I've been talking to recently think so, including Corey Bridges, co-founder of Multiverse Network, whom I interviewed Friday afternoon for an article on virtual worlds. A generation of young people is growing up hacking and slashing their way through virtual worlds -- that's literally true in the case of World of Warcraft -- and they're going to expect a 3-D
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