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Google Chrome Comes To iPhone, iPad
News  |  6/29/2012  | 
Google's Chrome browser will be available for the first time on the iPhone and iPad. Google Drive is also available on the iOS and on Chrome OS.
E-Stores Should Cater To Tablet Users, Study Says
News  |  6/29/2012  | 
Social sites are driving more referrals but few conversions. Meanwhile, mobile traffic is also on the rise, with tablet visitors converting to buyers at almost the same rate as PC users.
RIM Explores Microsoft Alliance, Other Radical Moves
News  |  6/29/2012  | 
After more devastating losses and another massive layoff announcement, RIM is looking at more options, including partnering with Microsoft to put Windows Phone on BlackBerries, or selling access to its secure network.
RIM, Microsoft Marriage Makes Sense
Commentary  |  6/29/2012  | 
There's a lot of logic behind the idea of Microsoft either buying RIM's network or buying access to it. The security and the reach of the network would be a huge asset to Microsoft and worth a lot of money. But giving that access would be an admission of defeat for BlackBerry 10.
Adobe Backs Off Flash Support on Android
News  |  6/29/2012  | 
The variety of devices and OS configurations makes it difficult for Adobe to optimize Android properly in a plugin general to the operating system, so the company will be withdrawing support for the plugin.
Google Nexus 7 Tablet: 10 Coolest Features
Slideshows  |  6/28/2012  | 
Google's Android 4.1 slate takes aim at Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire.
BlackBerry 10 Delay Could Spell RIM's Doom
Commentary  |  6/28/2012  | 
Research In Motion has postponed the release of its next-generation smartphone platform to 2013 and plans to lay off 5,000 employees. Is there any hope left?
Apple Obsolescence Debate: More Analysis Please, Fanboys
Commentary  |  6/28/2012  | 
The Apple-can-do-nothing-wrong crowd cranked up the hate machine when I questioned the vendor's upgrade treadmill. Some responses and clarifications are in order.
Google Drive iOS App: Essential Features Missing
Commentary  |  6/28/2012  | 
Google Drive for Apple's iOS platform hits the iPhone and iPad, but you're better off using the browser-based version.
Windows 8 Phones Easily Managed--Because It's Windows
Commentary  |  6/28/2012  | 
The fact that Windows Phone 8 is Windows, and not a radical variant, means it can be managed like Windows. While other phones must be managed through new and separate management tools such as MobileIron, Windows Phone 8 plugs right into Active Directory. IT can use standard tools and consoles and deploy apps in the usual way.
Google I/O: 10 Awesome Visions
Slideshows  |  6/27/2012  | 
Google Glasses, the Nexus Q home entertainment streaming device, Android software upgrades, and a Nexus tablet shine at day one of Google's I/O developer conference.
Google Nexus Q: Fight For Living Room On
Commentary  |  6/27/2012  | 
Google's Nexus Q home media device lets Android phone and tablet users push content from their handhelds to a TV or stereo system.
Google Hardware Cred Grows With Nexus 7, Nexus Q
News  |  6/27/2012  | 
Via the Google Play Store, Google now sells smartphones, tablets, a funky media device, and even accessories. Day one of Google I/O made the company's hardware player ambitions clear.
Google Nexus 7 Tablet Aims For Amazon, Not Apple
Commentary  |  6/27/2012  | 
Google's new Nexus 7 tablet, announced at Google I/O, doesn't try to be an iPad killer. Instead, it aims to supplant Amazon's Kindle as a media consumption device.
Huddle iPad App Recommends Relevant Documents To You
News  |  6/27/2012  | 
Designed to compete with SharePoint, Huddle is an iPad app positioned as a content discovery and recommendation platform that can find documents for you.
Teardown: Inside Apple MacBook Pro
Slideshows  |  6/27/2012  | 
Our colleagues at UBM TechInsights did a partial teardown of the new MacBook Pro from Apple. We have the pictures. The disassembled unit appears to be the $2799 configuration of the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina screen. TechInsights did a separate teardown of the solid state drive (SSD) in the MacBook Pro, including x-ray images.
MDM As Mobile Strategy, Career Necessity
Commentary  |  6/27/2012  | 
Mobile device management is about a lot more than managing and monitoring mobile devices. It's a crucial CIO strategy challenge.
Google Launching Android 4.1 and Nexus 7 Tablet
News  |  6/27/2012  | 
Rumors are that Google Wednesday will announce a Google-branded tablet, made by Asus, for under $200, and a new version of Android, code-named Jelly Bean, to run it. Cool as this might be, history suggests few users will enjoy Jelly Bean any time soon.
Ford Chairman: Tech Needed To Combat Global Gridlock
Commentary  |  6/27/2012  | 
Ford Motor chairman Bill Ford Jr. thinks traffic congestion could be so limiting to mobility that it becomes a human rights issue.
Google Primed To Debut 7-Inch Tablet At I/O
News  |  6/27/2012  | 
Mere hours before Google is set to take the stage at its developer conference in San Francisco, sources say its new 7-inch tablet will be the highlight of the show.
Consumerization of IT: A View From The Real World
News  |  6/26/2012  | 
Executives from three very different industries--finance, healthcare, and distribution--discuss how they're coping with the consumerization of IT, in this panel discussion at the InformationWeek 500 conference.
How To Build A Collaborative Organization
News  |  6/26/2012  | 
Jacob Morgan, author of the book, The Collaborative Organization, talks to BYTE about how to build a good internal social network.
Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Developer Preview 4
News  |  6/26/2012  | 
Mountain Lion, a.k.a. OS X 10.8, marries the Apple desktop operating system to iOS features that previously were found only on the iPhone and iPad. Among them: Messages, Notifications, Reminders, a Game Center, and better integration with iCloud. It's not a revolutionary upgrade to the desktop OS, but it should please Mac enterprise users.
Dell Launches Windows 8-Ready Ultrabooks
News  |  6/26/2012  | 
XPS 14 and XPS 15 pack sufficient punch, but will they satisfy home and business users who consider touch capability a must?
Microsoft Integrates HealthVault With Greenway EHR
News  |  6/26/2012  | 
Pilot program pulls patients' clinical data from Greenway's electronic health record into Microsoft's cloud-based personal health record platform.
The Big Windows Phone 8 Difference: It's Windows
Commentary  |  6/25/2012  | 
For years, we have put up with the fact that smart phones exist outside of established networks and management systems and need all new code. Windows Phone 8 plugs right into the existing management infrastructure and existing Windows software probably ports with ease. If you're a business of any size, Windows Phone 8 is going to be very tempting, and if you have to bribe your users to adopt it you might be making a wise investment.
Swype Android Beta Adds Dragon Speech, Handwriting Recognition
Slideshows  |  6/25/2012  | 
Nuance's Swype app offers a new winning combination for fast typing on Android devices: gestures and Dragon speech recognition, with handwriting recognition thrown in for good measure.
Splashtop Releases 'Next Generation' Remote Desktop App For iOS
News  |  6/25/2012  | 
Splashtop 2, the latest version of the desktop remote control app for iOS, supports new hardware, including the Retina display; speeds network traffic; and makes connections easier. Splashtop 2 can remotely control either Macs or Windows PCs from an iPad or iPhone.
Samsung Predicts 10M Galaxy S III Sales In July
News  |  6/25/2012  | 
Samsung says its 2012 flagship smartphone will sell briskly through the summer, despite supply limitations.
Google Nexus Tablet Details Leak
News  |  6/25/2012  | 
Specs for the Nexus 7, a Google-branded tablet with a seven-inch display, sneak out, pointing to a mid-level device with a competitive price.
Inside The MIT Media Lab Where Technology Can Sense Emotions
News  |  6/22/2012  | 
MIT researchers demonstrate what they are trying to do to re-invent how media is made. Watch the video to see how machines are going to read your emotions better than humans can, and how it may be able to help autism patients.
State Street Private Cloud: $600 Million Savings Goal
Commentary  |  6/22/2012  | 
If everyone writes software for the same cloud-based development platform, code sharing becomes easier, and State Street has to write dramatically less code, saving big on software development. Take a look at the plan.
Apple's Planned Obsolescence: Customer Revolt Brews
Commentary  |  6/22/2012  | 
Short term, Apple will make more money. Long term, it will annoy, and lose, even ardent device fans.
HP Without Itanium: A Three-Pronged Strategy
Commentary  |  6/22/2012  | 
Regardless of how its trial against Oracle goes, there will be no new versions of Oracle software on Itanium. Here's how HP might turn the page.
Why Microsoft Must Stop the Surface Madness
Commentary  |  6/22/2012  | 
BYTE contributor George Ou got blowback when he predicted Microsoft's Surface tablets would fail. Well, he's standing his ground. Hanging with the cool Mac guy is just going to alienate all the PC customers who have made Microsoft great.
OmniFocus: Getting Things Done On iPad, Mac
News  |  6/21/2012  | 
OmniFocus is for people looking for a better way to manage their personal to-dos at home and on the go. It uses the Getting Things Done productivity system that was big a few years ago. The app is only for Apple devices, though, and mobile users will probably need to shell out for the desktop version, too, to be happy with the app.
Will Microsoft Buy Nokia?
Commentary  |  6/21/2012  | 
Microsoft dropped a lot of clues at its Wednesday Windows Phone 8 announcement that it's getting close to buying Nokia. Here's what has BYTE contributor Todd Ogasawara convinced that an acquisition is in the works.
Smartphone Addiction Takes Hold Over Americans
Commentary  |  6/21/2012  | 
Three-quarters of Americans would feel "panicked" about a lost smartphone, new study says.
Windows Phone 8 Preview: Visual Tour
Slideshows  |  6/21/2012  | 
Microsoft Windows Phone 8 shares a close connection with Windows 8. Take a closer look at what that means for users, enterprises, and developers.
NASA Upgrades Pleiades Supercomputer
News  |  6/21/2012  | 
Supercomputer tackles NASA's most complex challenges, from understanding solar flares to designing new space vehicles.
Microsoft's Windows Phone 8: The Good
Commentary  |  6/20/2012  | 
Microsoft revealed many new details of Windows Phone 8, its smartphone platform due later this year. Here are the cool new features that will make developers and users happy.
10 Must-Have Evernote Add-Ons
Slideshows  |  6/20/2012  | 
Evernote can be addictive, especially if you also use it on your mobile devices. The cloud-based note-taking service can become even more useful if you partake of the add-on products from Evernote and third parties. Here are 10 products--hardware and software--that stand out.
WebMD Founder, Dr. Oz Buy Clinical Decision Support Company
News  |  6/20/2012  | 
PKC acquisition will give Sharecare a clinical engine for its health and wellness social network, and bring PKC's CDS system the consumer audience it long sought.
iOS 6 Beta: First Look
Slideshows  |  6/20/2012  | 
iOS 6 appears to be a great update, with many new and useful features for iPhones and iPads--but the changes aren't so radical that you'll have to learn the OS all over again. Apple has made important changes to Music, iTunes, Maps, and Siri. It has added Facebook and Twitter integration, and a useful location-based feature called geofencing.
HP Low-Energy Servers For Data Centers, Take Two
News  |  6/19/2012  | 
HP used Intel's Atom Centerton chip to produce a 6-watt Gemini server line, which will become available by year's end..
HP, Intel: Time To Take Microservers Seriously
Commentary  |  6/19/2012  | 
HP and Intel are betting on a big market for microservers using the new Centerton chip. Here's why you should pay attention.
Samsung Galaxy S III: Hands-On Test Wows
News  |  6/19/2012  | 
Galaxy S III, Samsung's new flagship smartphone, seems just the right size and packs plenty of content sharing, camera, and voice capabilities.
Google Battles YouTube-To-MP3 Conversion Website
News  |  6/19/2012  | 
Google says it's just enforcing its terms of service, but founder Philip Matesanz insists Google's user contract doesn't apply.
Why Microsoft's New Surface Tablets Will Fail
Commentary  |  6/19/2012  | 
Microsoft's two new tablets, Surface for Windows RT and Surface for Windows 8 Pro, are doomed for different reasons. The RT tablet can't run Windows apps, and the Pro tablet is big and heavy with lousy battery life.
Microsoft Takes Tablets Seriously With Surface
Commentary  |  6/18/2012  | 
Microsoft's new tablet, which they refer to as Surface, looks at first glance to be a serious attempt at a competitive tablet -- bearing in mind that the pricing is as-yet undisclosed. OEMs will be competing not only with each other, but with Microsoft.
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