8 Reasons To Hate Windows 8.1
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1/4/2014 | 1:51:37 PM
Re: 8 Reasons to hate Windows 8.1 if you already hate it.
Sorry, but the "Start" button in Win 8.1 is NOT a "real" Start button. Give us users who have no intention of blowing money on a touch sensitive monitor the old Start button from Windows 7. OK, se we CAN install Classic Shell or Start8 from Stardock, but the the bottom line is that we shouldn't HAVE to do so at all. Forcing the inferior tablet interface on us desktop users, most of which already have bought into either iOS or Android tablets, was a dumb decision by Microsoft. And jeez even us old scumbag Windows users had grown to love the Aero interface of Windows 7. Now it looks like a 4th graders gaudy idea of Crayola heaven, with endless scrolling required to get to the apps you might want. At least they did allow us to bypass Metro and boot directly to the desktop, so I guess in that respect it was an upgrade...BTW, on several computers I've noted that it sometimes takes more than one attempt to move the mouse to the corner to get the charms bar to pop up. Just a waste of the users time and patience... I have an old XP box (ancient Core 2 Duo) that is going strong. Looks like I'll upgrade to Windows 7 Home or Pro, but I sure wish it were cheaper. Hell, I'd upgrade to Window 8.1 (and fix it) if it were cheaper. Seems the original $39 was about what it was worth.
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1/3/2014 | 1:41:08 PM
Re: 8000 reasons galore and counting
I wish I could give you 100 thumbs up.  It's like Microsoft is trying to drive customers away. 
IW Pick
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1/3/2014 | 1:39:04 PM
Windows 8 and 8.1

Yes a lot of people are using tablets recreationally now, but laptops are for working and no is talking about the way Windows has continuously reduced productivity. With every update they add keystrokes and change things just to change them without reason. (What was wrong for clicking "Y" to save or "N" for new?) Used to be able to ALT,F,U to get into document set-up, now you have to mouse it all the way. Thank heaven for Windows Explorer (now File Explorer), even though it takes 5 actions to get to the file you need to access. Why not give users the choice to automatically bypass those ridiculous tiles.  

While I'm at it, what's up with Outlook? All if a sudden all folders default to a reading view and must be changed individually, plus with the 8.1 upgrade when writing a new email the toolbar moves to the "File" tab - absolutely the last tab you would ever use when writing an email (you need to be on the "Message" tab). BTW, maybe 8.0 booted up faster, but 8.1 is way slower. I can make coffee and clean my kitchen while I wait - and it is definitely not the fault of my new MSi computer. 


Also, the new Start button is a joke.  Is that a passive-aggressive Microsoft stab at its PC user base?  They couldn't do more to create a customer base for a smart competitor.  There are a lot of us looking for a Windows alternative.

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12/31/2013 | 4:58:54 PM
win 8.1
thank god i'm a novice  at this but win 7 but it was the new xp and has been everything i need and want,but 8.1 as you say it is an improvement . i've only had it for 2 days but you can adapt to youre own likes .one instant fault is to shut down but i did find it . why make so hard  to do a simple thing and not to drag and drop a shortcut mmm. i am 60 and i know stuff but this will put off older people

to join this fantastic media.  microsoft listen dont be so business the people need to learn to shop and book holidays and buy like from amazon,ebay keep it simple .


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12/22/2013 | 7:30:23 PM
8000 reasons galore and counting
I can't believe MS could be so stupid. I am so pissed that I had to vent my anger.. I mean anger

8.0 and 8.1 we obviously dreamed up by a committee , need I say more.. Gee what a great idea, take w well proven interface and change it to look like an iphone,,, wonderful


When Steve Ballmer announced his retirement, the MS stock jumped 10%,, need I say more? MS has 130,000 employees,, i think each one had some input in W 8, and 8.1
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12/15/2013 | 2:20:21 AM
Re: SORRY Microfoft but..........
I hate to break it to you , If you are moving to apple , you will be disapointed , apple machines are much more expensive , much harder to repair (if possible at all ) , and have a longer downtime when they fail , I think that some companies are still running pc's bought in 2001 , While people who opted for macs had to replace most of them  , But if you think you can mangae to run with chromebooks ( less than 400 $ per machine and as low as 199 $ ) then do some research about productivty aplications available , and then by all means , go for it ......
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12/12/2013 | 1:41:44 PM
SORRY Microfoft but..........
We have left the Micrisoft house for good (115 users).

8.1 has finally been the nail in the coffin (Microsofts) no return of the WIN7 U/I and all features.

We are a business and in the businesss of makng a profit, ALAS Windows is not even a basic good O/S.

AND to NOTE we will NOT be back, cost of Windows 8/8.1 along with all the updates/upgrades to a system, applications and peripherials make this uneconomic viable option and put a major strain on out profit and loss.

Our new choice means the differance in costings of around  NZ$1759.00 per system made up of the following.....

1) Cost of WIN8/8.1

2) Cost of hardware updates/new

3) Cost of Application Upgrades/new replacements

4) Cost of installation/setup

5) Cost of training

6) Downtime and lost productivity

Godbye Microsoft we will NOT be back
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12/11/2013 | 2:31:34 PM
Re: The real business reason to hate win 8
One important thing that the author did not mention regarding the Search feature is that you CAN turn off "search everywhere" and even turn off Bing entirely. A little sloppy investigative review of 8.1 that needs to be corrected. I also have to laugh how some say "I don't want to be tied to what Bing wants to show me!" Really? So how do you explain you love affair with Google?

Lastly, I have been using 8 and 8.1 for almost a year. 8.1 is a vast improvement and there are still quirks in 8.1 that need attention but, like all other Windows before it you can customize to your liking. Just take a few minutes to poke around and READ. It is quick, runs on literally any hardware and improves it and there are features that Win 7 doesn;t have that I need.

I'm not saying you have not used the system, but there are far too many detractors of the system that obviously never even tried it.
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12/3/2013 | 10:13:52 PM
Re: How to cure all Windows 8 problems
An update and clarification.


It should be noted that my install of Windows 8 and 8.1 was on an existing PC that started out with Windows 7. 
I think my problems were to do with my PC was not a PC designed for the Windows 8 world no did I have a touch screen.

I took another flyer and bought a laptop with touch and Windows 8.1.  I have been using it for several days with the touch screen and I am realy starting to like it.
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11/29/2013 | 8:42:13 PM
Re: Windoze APE
I don't keep shortcuts littering my desktop, and I don't run widgets, either. Search doesn't let you browse a folder full of different games, or tools. And dragging the mouse pointer all the way dwn to close a program on a 23" monitor brought cries of pain from my shoulder in record time.
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