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Google To Turn NYC Payphones Into WiFi Hotspots
Eric Zeman,
New York is looking for a payphone payoff. Google, Samsung, and others expected to submit bids for the project.
By Eric Zeman , 7/21/2014
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Internet of Sports: How Seattle Sounders Track Performance
Shane O'Neill,
The US soccer powerhouse uses wearable devices and data visualization to analyze the fitness levels of stars like Clint Dempsey.
By Shane O'Neill , 7/21/2014
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Our Cloud Disaster Recovery Story
Jonathan Feldman, CIO, City of Asheville, NC
I put my money where my mouth is with cloud DR, and it not only benefited my organization but also earned us a prestigious award.
By Jonathan Feldman CIO, City of Asheville, NC, 7/21/2014
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Microsoft's Productivity Story: Showtime For Nadella
Kevin Casey,
Give the Microsoft CEO credit for his articulate vision. Now comes the hard part: execution.
By Kevin Casey , 7/21/2014
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Why Enterprises Need To Adapt To Agile
Eric Reed, Chief Technology Officer, GE Capital
Today's large businesses are not too big and inflexible to be agile. Here's why.
By Eric Reed Chief Technology Officer, GE Capital, 7/21/2014
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EU Tells Apple, Google: Limit In-App Purchasing
Thomas Claburn, Editor-at-Large
"Children must be better protected when playing online," EU Commissioner declares in in-app goods crackdown.
By Thomas Claburn Editor-at-Large, 7/19/2014
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Salary Negotiation For Women: Ask The Expert
Laurianne McLaughlin, Editor-in-Chief,
InformationWeek salary survey data shows the gender pay gap remains alive and well in IT. One reason: Women walk a tricky tightrope during the negotiation process.
By Laurianne McLaughlin Editor-in-Chief,, 7/18/2014
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IT Career Advice: How To Sell
Daniel Weinfurter, Contributing Writer
IT leaders must sell ideas and projects to be successful, but few are trained in sales. Here are some tips.
By Daniel Weinfurter Contributing Writer, 7/18/2014
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5 Reasons Going Paperless Won't Work
Kuang Chen, Co-Founder & CEO, Captricity
Paperless processes have their virtues, but don't confuse the means with the ends.
By Kuang Chen Co-Founder & CEO, Captricity, 7/18/2014
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Apple-IBM Deal: 9 Moves Rivals Should Make
Thomas Claburn, Editor-at-Large
With Apple and IBM allied to advance iOS in the enterprise, these mobile technology companies must scramble to remain contenders. Here's how they could respond.
By Thomas Claburn Editor-at-Large, 7/18/2014
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Microsoft Shows Tech 'Monopolies' Don't Last
Rob Preston, VP & Editor in Chief, InformationWeek
As nature abhors a vacuum, innovators abhor a monopoly, especially in the fast-paced IT industry.
By Rob Preston VP & Editor in Chief, InformationWeek, 7/18/2014
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Geekend: Familiar Faces Can Be Friendly (Or Dangerous)
David Wagner, Community Editor
Studies show we pick our friends -- and employees -- based on visible and invisible similarities.
By David Wagner Community Editor, 7/18/2014
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Microsoft Slicing 18,000 Jobs: More Change Ahead
Kevin Casey,
Microsoft announces largest layoff in its history as it restructures and integrates recently acquired Nokia devices unit. CEO Satya Nadella promises sweeping organizational changes.
By Kevin Casey , 7/17/2014
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IBM-Apple Deal Feeds CIO App Ambitions
Chris Murphy, Editor, InformationWeek
But do CIOs want Apple-only, ready-made apps? Custom, in-house apps have advantages.
By Chris Murphy Editor, InformationWeek, 7/17/2014
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7 Ways To Escape Communications Dark Ages
Marty Parker, Principal & Co-Founder, UniComm Consulting
Here's how unified communication tools can improve processes, cut costs, and drive new business. Second of a multipart series.
By Marty Parker Principal & Co-Founder, UniComm Consulting, 7/17/2014
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CIO-CMO Relationship: Plagued By Digital Pretenders
Chris Curran, Advisory Principal & Chief Technologist, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Digital strategies that focus only on customer engagement are shallow. But to go deeper, CIOs and CMOs must be partners.
By Chris Curran Advisory Principal & Chief Technologist, PricewaterhouseCoopers, 7/17/2014
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Tech Titans: Midyear Report Card
Mike Feibus,
Amazon, Google, and other major tech players went on a shopping spree in the first half of 2014. Here's a look at who won, who lost, and why -- along with a peek ahead.
By Mike Feibus , 7/17/2014
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Net Neutrality: Let's Move Beyond Class Warfare
Jonathan Feldman, CIO, City of Asheville, NC
The Hatfields say consumers will suffer if we prioritize Net traffic. The McCoys say we're headed for communism if we don't. They're both wrong: The problem is lack of broadband competition, not lack of openness and equality.
By Jonathan Feldman CIO, City of Asheville, NC, 7/17/2014
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Apple-IBM Deal: Trouble For Google, Microsoft
Thomas Claburn, Editor-at-Large
Apple's alliance with IBM will make it harder for Android and Windows Phone to carve a niche in the workplace.
By Thomas Claburn Editor-at-Large, 7/17/2014
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Data-Driven Personalization: Its Time Has Come
Joe Kennedy, Senior Fellow, Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
Despite privacy concerns, the long-term impact will be better products and services and more loyal customers.
By Joe Kennedy Senior Fellow, Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, 7/16/2014
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