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Doctors Can Go Back To Tech School
Susan Nunziata, Community Editor
Texas A&M-Dell academy to launch later this year aims to train medical pros on the latest healthcare technology -- and serve doctors moving into IT roles.
By Susan Nunziata Community Editor, 8/1/2014
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Microsoft Enhances Office For iPad
Michael Endler, Associate Editor,
Office for iPad includes better pivot table support and expanded presentation tools, but can it maintain momentum against free competitors?
By Michael Endler Associate Editor,, 8/1/2014
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Avoid Software Licensing That's Set Up For Failure
Doug Henschen, Executive Editor, InformationWeek
Does your software vendor use the honor-system or trust-but-verify approach to licensing? Learn the difference and save a bundle.
By Doug Henschen Executive Editor, InformationWeek, 8/1/2014
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Google, Apple & The Battle For Your Ears
Mike Feibus,
The titans of technology have spent lavishly for your eyeballs. Now they want your ears. Here's why.
By Mike Feibus , 8/1/2014
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Secrets To Unified Communications & Collaboration Success
Marty Parker, Principal & Co-Founder, UniComm Consulting
These seven usage profiles will help you trace the communications activities of workers and uncover bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
By Marty Parker Principal & Co-Founder, UniComm Consulting, 8/1/2014
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SaaS: Still Not Simple-As-A-Service
Lawrence Garvin, Technical Product Marketing Manager, SolarWinds
Cost, data ownership, security, and other factors can complicate the SaaS decision.
By Lawrence Garvin Technical Product Marketing Manager, SolarWinds, 8/1/2014
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Geekend: 2 Steps Closer To Mars
David Wagner, Community Editor
A successful experiment on the side of a volcano and an artificial leaf that makes oxygen have gotten us closer to sending people to Mars.
By David Wagner Community Editor, 8/1/2014
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USB Hardware Easily Subverted, Researchers Claim
Thomas Claburn, Editor-at-Large
Security researchers say they can reprogram USB controller chips to hijack USB devices and connected computers.
By Thomas Claburn Editor-at-Large, 7/31/2014
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Amazon Cloud Luster Fading? Look Closer
Charles Babcock, Editor At Large, InformationWeek
Some skeptics say Amazon's cloud dominance wears thin. I say Amazon's destiny in the cloud is in its own hands -- and you can't say that for IBM, Google, or Microsoft.
By Charles Babcock Editor At Large, InformationWeek , 7/31/2014
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Getting Back To Coding
Andrew Binstock, Editor-in-chief, Dr. Dobb's Journal
Reducing tool complexity requires mercilessly applying YAGNI (you aren't gonna need it). Resist "featuritis" and choose the tools that deliver only what you need.
By Andrew Binstock Editor-in-chief, Dr. Dobb's Journal, 7/31/2014
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Windows Phone 8.1 Update: 7 Key Facts
Michael Endler, Associate Editor,
Microsoft uses its Windows Phone 8.1 update to add Start screen folders and new security features while pushing Cortana to new parts of the world.
By Michael Endler Associate Editor,, 7/30/2014
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Cloudify Aims To Automate Cloud Troubleshooting
Charles Babcock, Editor At Large, InformationWeek
Cloudify 3.0 gets feedback loop, combines cloud orchestration and monitoring.
By Charles Babcock Editor At Large, InformationWeek , 7/30/2014
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Doing Business Without Handshakes
David Wagner, Community Editor
Handshakes make us feel comfortable in business settings -- and spread germs that make us sick. Perhaps it's time for a new custom.
By David Wagner Community Editor, 7/29/2014
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Stop Recruiting, Start Connecting
Jack Perkins, Principal, Oryx Search
Software engineers want to talk with their fellow professionals about job opportunities, not run the HR gauntlet.
By Jack Perkins Principal, Oryx Search, 7/29/2014
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When Patients Fear EHR
Mansur Hasib, Contributing Writer
When patients believe paper medical records are safer and more private than electronic ones, their health can suffer.
By Mansur Hasib Contributing Writer, 7/28/2014
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How To Be An Office Hero: 3 Myths, Busted
David Wagner, Community Editor
You rely on a set of social assumptions to get ahead at work, but some of those assumptions don't match with science.
By David Wagner Community Editor, 7/28/2014
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Microsoft's Nadella: More Than Talk
Michael Endler, Associate Editor,
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella proves he can be a man of action with the biggest layoff in company history and other concrete steps to reshape Microsoft. Now what?
By Michael Endler Associate Editor,, 7/26/2014
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Cyber Attacks Happen: Build Resilient Systems
Rutrell Yasin, Freelance Writer
You can't stop all attacks or build the perfect defense system. The higher-level objective is resilience.
By Rutrell Yasin , 7/25/2014
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Microsoft Faces 4 Big Challenges
Michael Endler, Associate Editor,
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is riding high with analysts and investors -- but look at the remaining hurdles.
By Michael Endler Associate Editor,, 7/25/2014
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Geekend: Robot Vs. Human Smackdown
David Wagner, Community Editor
Who would win a fistfight between a man and a robot? Take a look at the evidence, and see if you agree with our conclusion.
By David Wagner Community Editor, 7/25/2014
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