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Have You Hugged Your Sysadmin Today?
Susan Fogarty, Editor in Chief
Celebrate System Administrator Appreciation Day by showing some gratitude toward the IT pros who do it all.
By Susan Fogarty Editor in Chief, 7/25/2014
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Microsoft Faces 4 Big Challenges
Michael Endler, Associate Editor,
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is riding high with analysts and investors -- but look at the remaining hurdles.
By Michael Endler Associate Editor,, 7/25/2014
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IT Budgets Up In 2015, Hiring Tepid
Robert Mullins,
A survey shows organizations will spend more on IT next year, but IT pros don't expect those extra dollars will translate into bigger IT departments.
By Robert Mullins , 7/25/2014
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Apple OS X Yosemite Beta Debuts
Thomas Claburn, Editor-at-Large
Apple's obsession with secrecy gives way to involving customers in the software development process.
By Thomas Claburn Editor-at-Large, 7/24/2014
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Docker Acquires DevOps Flavor With Fig
Charles Babcock, Editor At Large, InformationWeek
Docker's purchase of the UK startup Orchard Laboratories gives it the Fig container orchestration system to speed up program development.
By Charles Babcock Editor At Large, InformationWeek , 7/24/2014
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Nadella's Windows 9 And Device Plans, Explained
Michael Endler, Associate Editor,
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says his company is "streamlining" Windows into a converged OS, and "right-sizing" its device efforts. But what does this really mean?
By Michael Endler Associate Editor,, 7/24/2014
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3 Signs You're Overspending On Data Storage
John Morris, President and CEO, Cleversafe
If you think public cloud storage is the cheaper way to manage the massive growth in data, think again.
By John Morris President and CEO, Cleversafe, 7/24/2014
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Understanding IPv6: Link-Local 'Magic'
Denise Fishburne, Cisco Champion
Denise Fishburne performs a little IPv6 sleight of hand in the second post in her series on IPv6.
By Denise Fishburne Cisco Champion, 7/24/2014
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Amazon Fire Phone Early Reviews Tepid
Eric Zeman,
Early reviews of Amazon's first smartphone won't send consumers rushing to buy. Did Amazon miscalculate on key features?
By Eric Zeman , 7/23/2014
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Microsoft Earnings: 3 Big Takeaways
Michael Endler, Associate Editor,
Microsoft's cloud business is booming, but devices and consumer mindshare remain problems.
By Michael Endler Associate Editor,, 7/23/2014
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Guide To IaaS Cloud Provider Performance
Joe Masters  Emison, CTO, BuildFax
Choosing an Infrastructure-as-a-service cloud provider? Use these benchmarks to compare AWS, Google, Azure, Rackspace, and more.
By Joe Masters Emison CTO, BuildFax, 7/23/2014
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Where Is Your Cloud?
Andrew Froehlich, President & Lead Network Architect, West Gate Networks
Depending on its location, a cloud data center may be at risk of natural or man-made disasters. Be sure to weigh the risks of the physical location of your data.
By Andrew Froehlich President & Lead Network Architect, West Gate Networks, 7/23/2014
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NASA Orion Space Capsule Has Surprising Brain
David F Carr, Editor, InformationWeek Healthcare
New manned spacecraft will use a flight computer adapted from jetliners for deep space missions to the asteroids and Mars.
By David F Carr Editor, InformationWeek Healthcare, 7/22/2014
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Microsoft Earnings: 3 Things To Watch
Michael Endler, Associate Editor,
Wall Street has given Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella two thumbs up, so far. But with Windows growth uncertain and Microsoft's cloud businesses still in infancy, Nadella will face questions.
By Michael Endler Associate Editor,, 7/22/2014
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10 Handy WiFi Troubleshooting Tools
Ericka Chickowski, Contributing Writer, Dark Reading
If you need help troubleshooting your wireless networks, here are 10 tools that can help uncover WiFi problems. Bonus: Some are free!
By Ericka Chickowski Contributing Writer, Dark Reading, 7/22/2014
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Network Security: An Oxymoron In The Cloud Era?
Rajat Bhargava, Co-Founder & CEO, JumpCloud
Network security as we know it won't survive the migration to the cloud. New approaches are needed.
By Rajat Bhargava Co-Founder & CEO, JumpCloud, 7/22/2014
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Drones: The Next WLAN Menace
Lee Badman,
In addition to low-tech corporate spying, the remotely piloted aircraft could facilitate attacks on WLANs. The WLAN security industry is starting to respond.
By Lee Badman , 7/22/2014
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Microsoft's Productivity Story: Showtime For Nadella
Kevin Casey,
Give the Microsoft CEO credit for his articulate vision. Now comes the hard part: execution.
By Kevin Casey , 7/21/2014
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Guide: The Open Compute Project and Your Data Center
James M. Connolly, Editor in Chief, The Enterprise Cloud Site
Facebook's Open Compute Project has been developing designs and concepts for servers, switches, and other data center technologies. But how and when will those designs migrate to the typical enterprise?
By James M. Connolly Editor in Chief, The Enterprise Cloud Site, 7/21/2014
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Microsoft Shows Tech 'Monopolies' Don't Last
Rob Preston, VP & Editor in Chief, InformationWeek
As nature abhors a vacuum, innovators abhor a monopoly, especially in the fast-paced IT industry.
By Rob Preston VP & Editor in Chief, InformationWeek, 7/18/2014
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