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Overcoming IAM Challenges for Effective Digital Collaboration
Date: Jun 15, 2016

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If you provide applications or portals, chances are you’re facing some nasty access-related challenges: fragmented login experiences, ballooning password reset requests, lack of visibility into who has access to what...

Imagine what your business could achieve with easier, more efficient, more secure access for external users.

Attend this webinar on June 15th to learn how to:

  • Overcome IAM challenges to achieve effective digital collaboration
  • Align your IAM strategy to support your business
  • Boost security while improving user experience
Automation, Speed and Quality: The Keys to Your Continuous Delivery Journey
Date: Jun 15, 2016

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 - Live Simulcast Launch and Best Practice Event for Application Developers-

To remain competitive in the application economy – businesses must accelerate time to market. But there’s an entire process of planning, development, testing, and fixing that must be optimized and automated to release quality applications into production.

How do you remain competitive in this economy without sacrificing quality?

Discover how by joining us for this livestreaming event where you will:

  • Learn how the Continuous Delivery methodology offers a rapid and agile approach to delivery and still ensures the optimal experience for your customers
  • Get insights from experts and discover solutions to assist you with automating the app dev pipeline – from planning to production
  • Be among the first to see the unveiling of new CA Technologies solutions for optimizing your Continuous Delivery strategy

Plus, you will hear about:

  • The importance of release planning and orchestration, and ensuring agility in testing the right data
  • Why it’s necessary to be able to provision data on demand during a Continuous Delivery process
  • How maintaining an integrated and automated ecosystem, with integrated feedback loops, will help you spot anomalies faster
  • How to incorporate virtualization tools to create virtual environments to help accelerate testing and development
  • Why Continuous Delivery is so important in the application economy, and why open and flexible integration is necessary to make continuous delivery a reality
  • How to measure the ROI of the Continuous Delivery methodology
Everyday File Sharing is Risky Business. Protect what matters. Permanently.
Date: May 12, 2016

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According to a recent Forrester study*, over 60% of engineering and support teams regularly use freeware or unsecure email to send files. And every time an employee does this, they put innovation, customer experience and competitive edge at high risk.

Is your company being negatively impacted and you don’t know it?

Join Cheryl McKinnon of Forrester Research in a live video panel discussion with Lee Harrison and Subhashini Simha of Thru, where they will cover:

  • Research study findings and details of the latest threats and key challenges technology companies face today 
  • What actions you need to immediately take to modernize your data infrastructure, improve security and customer interactions, without sacrificing ease of use
  • How companies like EMC, VMware and Sage are staying steps ahead
Get your complimentary copy of the Forrester report and a sample requirements checklist when you attend.
*Secure Sharing of Intellectual Property, January 2016: Commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Thru
You've Been Hacked (You Just Don't Know It Yet)
Date: Apr 20, 2016

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Every business is a potential target, no matter its size. Small and mid-sized enterprises may not make headlines, but they're equally attractive targets to hackers as the big-name brands. But the changing nature of breaches, combined with a reliance on protection tool rather than detection software, means that many organizations miss the warning signs.  In 60% of cases, attackers are able to compromise an organization within minutes!

Attend this webinar and you'll learn about the latest threats to your business, and how to choose security solutions that cover the full scope of your needs, from protection through detection and response.

We'll cover:

  • How to make the business case for cybersecurity investment at your company
  • What unique pain points small- and midsized companies face in handling their security challenges
  • Which key questions to ask as you plan your security strategy
  • What you need to know about the three pillars of security strategy: protection, detection, and response.
Harnessing Risk Data as a Strategic Business Solution
Date: Apr 06, 2016

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Managing and leveraging better data should not only be looked at as a compliance issue but as a strategic business solution that can deliver pricing, analytical, risk and business model agility benefits.

That’s prompted financial institutions to renew their focus on risk data aggregation and reporting (RDAR) solutions in order to collect and integrate trusted data more fully into their business. 

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Align your organization’s risk and data strategy
  • Overcome the data integration challenges
  • Implement data management best practices
  • Operationalize data governance
  • Define and handle data through new architectural ideas
6Connex Test Registration Set
Date: Mar 30, 2016

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This is a registration page test for 6Connex's new registration set. This is a registration page test for 6Connex's new registration set. This is a registration page test for 6Connex's new registration set. This is a registration page test for 6Connex's new registration set. This is a registration page test for 6Connex's new registration set.

How to Boost Customer Experience – and Gain Competitive Advantage – in Financial Services
Date: Mar 24, 2016

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The rapid rise of Fintech and the development of new applications, processes, products and business models present new challenges and opportunities as it both disrupts and transforms financial services organizations.

Above all, it has become essential for organizations to ensure a great customer experience if they want to survive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Join InformationWeek for a 60-minute webinar to learn what helps customer experience leaders thrive and how they beat laggards across the board.

According to Forrester, superior customer experience drives superior revenue growth. That’s true whenever customers can easily switch their business, and competitors offer differentiated experiences. As part of its ongoing research on customer experience and competitiveness, Forrester compared the revenue growth of companies with superior customer experience to that of their direct competitors with comparatively inferior customer experience across a range of industries including full service wealth management and property & casualty insurance.

We’ll also discuss ways for financial services organizations to meet expectations for convenience, speed and trust while reducing the risk of failure by:

  • Automating critical processes like loan origination and account servicing
  • Quickly rolling out new apps that are both modular and adaptable and deploy across all devices and through all channels
  • Making doing business with you easy, boosting customer acquisition and retention
  • Optimizing customer activity tracking across lines of credit, deposits and more
  • Unifying engagement between bank, customers, employees, products and assets
Top 8 Considerations for Server-side Flash: Maximize Your Investment, Dodge Inefficiencies
Date: Mar 23, 2016

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You’ve decided you need Flash to stay competitive. But in your quest to find the best of the best, you find it’s more than just IOPS and throughput you need to to compare. And to further complicate the process, you find that storage vendors are using variable reporting metrics on product documentation.

Join this webinar to learn how to navigate the fog and emerge with the right solution for your unique workload/application.

Register today and learn how you can become the voice of authority on how to evaluate the best Flash solution for your data center. You will learn about:

  • Key factors to assess, including endurance, encryption and micro/macro QoS
  • The latest in solid-state storage trends, including NVM Express™ and NAND
  • Different reporting metrics used by storage vendors, including how to level the variances for comparison
  • Features and performance comparison between different types of SSDs
  • Use case examples that detail why a certain solution was selected above others
Go From Pure Data to User Enlightenment with App Performance Management
Date: Mar 17, 2016

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In today’s App Economy, apps are the face of your organization, and your users’ experience with them can make or break your business.

Attend this Thursday’s webinar to learn how to gain a competitive advantage by delivering the very best user experience with improvements based on actual application performance, including:

  • Mobile
  • Mainframe
  • On-premises infrastructure
  • The cloud
  • User feedback

Learn how to get visibility from mobile app to back-end services (including mainframes) and all the infrastructure in between--including modern components such as containers and microservices.

See what’s impacting your end users before they feel the impact! We’ll discuss how CA Application Performance Management ties it all together from a user-centric app point of view. 

Getting Active with a Passive Domain Name System (DNS)
Date: Mar 01, 2016

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Join us for a webinar where we will discuss how modern recursive name servers can keep a record of every response they see – every answer, referral and error. That passive domain name system (DNS) data can be a goldmine that helps you detect suspicious activity, trade name infringement and more.

During this webinar we will discuss how passive DNS data is collected, replicated and how it can be analyzed to find security relevant information.

You’ll also learn how you can get involved by setting up passive DNS collection on your own name servers or by subscribing to feeds of suspicious or malicious domain names and IP addresses.

Register and attend to learn: 

  • Why you should bother with Passive DNS
  • How Passive DNS is collected
  • What you can query
  • How you can query
Demystify Predictive Analytics to retain business, grow opportunities and mitigate risk
Date: Feb 25, 2016

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Join us for a webinar that will help you understand how to integrate analytic tools, that are traditionally run in silos, into a comprehensive framework that provides real time actionable intelligence.

We’ll discuss what Digital Foresight is  and how its advanced predictive analytics capability can enable you to develop actionable strategy to retain business, grow opportunities, and mitigate risks among others.

Attend and learn how to:

  • Fuse internal and external data to generate a constant flow of useful information
  • Create measurable signatures that describe prospective customer behavior
  • Understand the factors that influence customer behavior
  • Leverage analytics that make up an individual’s signature 
  • Employ Graph and entity matching algorithms to create an interconnected network of individuals
InformationWeek Virtual Summit, Sponsored by CA Technologies
Date: Feb 25, 2016

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Once you’re logged in you will find a community complete with:

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Chat and social options to interact with peers and experts.

Learn How to Deploy an IT Asset Management Program in less than 30 Days
Date: Feb 24, 2016

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The IT Asset Management (ITAM) journey can be a windy road. Join us for a webinar and learn how to get an overview of what hardware and software assets you own, when the assets were purchased, how they are used, and by whom.

This webcast will show you how to reduce IT asset costs, decrease vendor audit risk and reduce security threats though better data management.

Attend this webinar and get:

  • Real world examples of what to avoid
  • A better idea of how to leverage your existing tools without further burdening your IT support group
  • Tips on identifying actionable data to be delivered for inventory visibility, audit preparation, reharvesting unused software, and Tech Refresh
  • Insight into how this can be accomplished in less than 30 days without disrupting your business


Finding Mobile App Success with Analytics
Date: Feb 04, 2016

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Join us for a webinar where we will discuss how you can use analytics to create a flawless mobile app user experience.

You have mere seconds to impress users. So how do you impress mobile users and break down barriers between IT operations, developers, and the business? By having an analytics solution at the center of your mobile app strategy.

Eric Bruno, InformationWeek Contributing Editor, and Jonathan Lindo, VP of Enterprise Mobility at CA Technologies, will explore this and share details of how you can have the best of both worlds.

Register Now 

Your 2016 cheat sheet for digital transformation: What works (and what doesn’t!)
Date: Feb 04, 2016

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A key priority for business leaders today is to successfully transform their enterprise into a completely digital business. New digital technologies and companies are reshaping business models across industries. Digital transformation is enabling companies to achieve business goals in ways that were never possible before. Digital, clearly, is the key to winning, serving and retaining customers. How is your organization placed in this digital world?

Did you know that only 31% of companies today have a clear digital strategy? To understand how global companies define, plan and execute digital transformation, Infosys recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a digital study*. We discovered that, as their top priorities for 2016, a sizeable 47% of surveyed organizations want to enhance operational efficiencies along with improving products and services through digitization. Further, 51% believe that the CEO should lead digital vision and strategy. Are you aligned with the global digital priorities of 2016?

Join us for a 60 minute webinar to learn more about the study findings, insights and recommendations and how it can help you progress on your digital transformation journey. We will discuss:

  • How operations, IT, marketing and other business functions are impacted by digital transformation
  • Why a systematic strategy is critical
  • Who should be involved in your digital strategy decision-making
  • How to eliminate organizational barriers
  • How you can rely on your partners’ digital skills and expertise to plug gaps and deliver best-in-class customer experience

Becoming a digital business is no longer an option. But, how you get there and what you prioritize is what will make all the difference. Join us on February 4 at 11:30am ET to ensure that your digital strategy is built-in rather than bolted on.

 * Be Digital. Be More. Preparing for the Digital Transformation Tsunami. A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Infosys, October 2015.
Transforming Customer Business Apps and VDI Desktops with Flash-enabled VSAN Ready Nodes
Date: Jan 28, 2016

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Join us for a webinar that will show you how to take advantage of the latest hyper-converged infrastructure leveraging enterprise server platforms with enterprise-grade flash memory.

Attend and we’ll discuss how you can:

  • Benefit from your current server infrastructure to deliver faster compute, memory, and I/O performance, coupled with increased storage and networking performance—including lower latency.
  • Transform virtual environments with higher levels of technical and financial efficiencies
  • Attain new levels of performance density - supporting more workloads with fewer server cores
  • Achieve significantly higher levels of server and application workload performance and scale
  • Optimize datacenter infrastructure spend and investment (TCO and ROI) while increasing SLAs
  • Mitigate risk by modernizing server infrastructure with SanDisk flash-based solutions
Not Your Dad’s Factory: How Technology Is Transforming Manufacturing
Date: Dec 16, 2015

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From predictive maintenance that reduces equipment downtime to workers using mobile devices on the factory floor, manufacturing is undergoing dramatic change. The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling increased automation on the factory floor and throughout the supply chain, 3D printing is changing how we think about making components, and the cloud and big data are enabling new applications that provide an end-to-end view from the factory floor to the retail store. 

With all of these technological options converging, how can CIOs, IT executives, and manufacturing leaders keep up? We’ll explore these factors, and discuss how to keep up while keeping the assembly lines moving.

Join us on December 16 and you’ll learn:

  • Why predictive maintenance matters and how to apply it in your operation
  • How to use mobility to revolutionize communication on the factory floor
  • What IoT and automation mean for your operations
  • What you need to know about the state of 3D printing
  • How to operate a manufacturing environment that can adapt and adopt these technologies on the fly
Transforming Your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with a Flash-based Virtual SAN (VSAN) Solution
Date: Dec 09, 2015

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If you are still deploying apps without VMware® Virtual SAN™ (VSAN), come learn why you should consider it for your next application or VDI deployment. 

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) offers solutions to help you optimize and simplify your infrastructure and more easily scale out for better, more cost-effective performance. This webcast will show you how you can do more with less by taking advantage of the latest hyper-converged infrastructure built from HPE ProLiant Gen9  server  platforms, SanDisk flash-based PCIe Workload Accelerators and VMware Virtual SAN software.  

This webinar will cover: 

  • Benefits of optimizing VDI and Biz Apps performance and user experience with VMware Virtual SAN (VMware’s software defined storage solution for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure).
  • Powering a high performance and scalable Virtual SAN environment with the new generation HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers and SanDisk-based HP PCIe Workload Accelerators.
  • Building an enterprise-ready, high-performance shared storage for VMware vSphere® Virtual Desktops with VMware Horizon View and the HP Hyper-Converged Virtual SAN Solution
  • Real-world testing results revealing how the evolution to hyper-converged infrastructure can deliver great financial efficiencies along with higher levels of server and application performance and scale


Register Now!

Achieving Success in the Cloud Era: Digital strategies and network architecture.
Date: Dec 08, 2015

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People and things are creating massive amounts of data to be carried over networks and analyzed in the cloud, transforming the way you need to think and operate.

Your enterprise faces two very key strategic technology questions. Do you have the best digital strategy to achieve market and financial success? Do you have the ideal network architecture to support digital strategies in the cloud era?

Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud and Internet of Things are tools that support a set of disciplines that boost enterprise value.  Cloud solutions can provide the compute and storage resources needed, and can help an enterprise improve IT efficiency and flexibility while protecting valuable information. Cloud implementations can be complex, ranging from private enterprise clouds to public cloud services. Navigating this ecosystem requires a clear digital strategy and the right network architecture for your organization.  

Attend this webinar and learn how:

  • Any enterprise can realize vastly higher value through digital tools
  • Leading enterprises are successfully making innovative use of digital tools
  • To identify five critical factors you must consider for selecting the right cloud strategy
Data-Driven Content Analytics: Using Watson as a Strategic Asset
Date: Dec 03, 2015

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Join us for a webinar that will show you how you can liberate your analytics team by getting the right tools in place in order to save time and money. 

The IDC reports that your average team members are spending more than 2.5 hours per day looking for information. That's nearly $6,000 per year of wasted time for each employee.

In order to remain competitive, you need a next-generation content analytics tool that takes you beyond standard enterprise search. Whether it resides on premises or in the cloud, you need to put important information at users’ fingertips while providing the related analytical insights and context that makes it meaningful.

Register and attend this webinar to learn:

  • Why leaders are turning to cognitive technologies to win back lost time and achieve real business results.
  • How companies are using Watson to their advantage to put decision-making at users' fingertips.
  • How cognitive solutions are helping companies to magnify, accelerate and stretch analytics capabilities to improve productivity
Engaging with Enterprise SMS
Date: Dec 02, 2015

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Join us for a webinar on how you can effectively mobilize your organization in a way that is sustainable and builds engagement with your customers throughout their entire lifecycle.

Mobile engagement leader OpenMarket and respected analyst firm Portio Research will discuss their recent research findings and share practical tips and essential best practices for you to consider as you embrace SMS as a crucial business strategy.

The fastest growth area in mobile messaging is in A2P SMS, or enterprise text messaging. There is a vast and emerging business opportunity to use SMS as a tool to communicate with customers, staff and suppliers.

Attend and you'll learn the three key considerations for using SMS for enterprise mobile engagement:

  • Implementing essential tech requirements to reach today's mobile-savvy consumers
  • Identifying the right use cases, feature sets, and regulatory requirements
  • Ensuring enterprise best practices by avoiding "grey routes"

This webinar will help guide you through the features and capabilities of enterprise SMS, the process of finding the right partner to work with, and the challenges enterprise IT managers face implementing and integrating this technology throughout your organization.

All attendees will receive a new Portio Research white paper, commissioned by OpenMarket, "Engaging with Enterprise SMS."

Embracing Bimodal IT: Steps You Should Be Taking Today
Date: Dec 01, 2015

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Driven by a need for greater agility, a majority of organizations say they are embracing bimodal IT. This approach segments IT into two distinct modes: a traditional mode that emphasizes scalability and accuracy, and an agile mode that focuses on flexibility and speed.

UBM Tech recently conducted a survey, sponsored by Red Hat, that asked IT decision-makers at large enterprises about their current efforts and future plans for bimodal IT. It found that while enterprises plan to become more agile within three to five years, most are still dominated by traditional IT applications and infrastructure. In order to adopt a true bimodal IT approach, they’ll need to overcome significant barriers such as a lack of knowledgeable staff, security concerns, and siloed architecture.

Join Marty Wesley, a senior product marketing manager at Red Hat, and Cynthia Harvey, writer for InformationWeek, as they discuss the research and examine what organizations should be doing right now to smooth the transition toward bimodal IT.

Join us to

  • Learn why bimodal IT is going to be important for most organizations over the next three to five years.
  • Understand the top barriers to bimodal IT and how to overcome them.
  • Find out what your organization should be doing today to prepare for bimodal IT.
The IT Social Dynamics of Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Date: Nov 18, 2015

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)  isn’t just a change in how data centers are built, it is a sea change. Not only does it break down vertical silos of storage, compute, and virtualization by creating a horizontal Lego-brick scale-out capability, it dramatically affects the way IT organizations think about and approach deploying new Line-of-Business applications.

Join Wikibon’s Stuart Miniman and Nimboxx CTO Dr. William Turner in an engaging dialogue of what the economic and social considerations are of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), and how hyperconverged infrastructure HCI fits into an organization's Cloud strategy, whether it be Openstack private cloud, AWS, Google or Microsoft public cloud, or a hybrid strategy.

Join us to:

  • Understand how Hyperconvergence affects social and economic organizational dynamics
  • See effects of Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) on cloud strategy including private, public and hybrid cloud
  • Learn how Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) applies to Analytics, Security, IoT, Automation, and VDI
Improve customer loyalty and your competitive advantage with Oracle's ORMB Analytics
Date: Nov 18, 2015

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Like many financial services companies are you feeling challenged by the increasing complexity in pricing, billing and invoicing?  On top of that, you have to cope with evolving regulations and demanding customers There’s no room for error or poor business decisions.

Analytics to the rescue!

Join Daniel Mayo, practice leader for Ovum’s global financial services technology team, specializing in core systems, payments and compliance, and IT spending/ investment trends for this webinar and learn how to:

  • Assess customer revenue trends and improve the quality of customer care Identify error-prone processes faster to optimize staff allocation
  • Minimize costs, risks and revenue leakage

You’ll also hear from Oracle’s Aubrey Hawes on how  Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing (ORMB) Analytics can help organizations deliver better price execution, improve operations, and meet revenue goals while providing valuable insights into all areas of the business.

Ready to be a VSAN Hero?
Date: Nov 11, 2015

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If the virtual storage area network isn't part of your data center, it will be soon. An optimized data center infrastructure is core to your success, and VSANs can allow IT staff to simplify configuration and more easily scale out for better performance.

In this webinar, we will show you how easy it is to build a DIY VSAN, simplifying day-to-day operations and allowing more time for innovation. You'll also learn how VSANs help leverage IT resources and optimize, simplify, and accelerate performance in the data center at large.

As a takeaway, attendees will also receive a case study, “5X Faster Web Services with HGST and VMware® Virtual SAN™.” Register now.

Who Should Attend:

  • Storage Administrators
  • Systems Administrators
  • IT Directors
  • VMware Specialists
  • Application Engineers
3 Ways to Deliver Better Business Applications, Faster
Date: Nov 10, 2015

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If your organization, like many others, is struggling to keep up with the demand for powerful new business applications while maintaining the applications you already have in place - then you'll want to join us for this webinar that will cover three ways to deliver better, faster, cheaper business apps.

We will reshape the way you look at building, deploying and maintaining your business apps by sharing:

  • Peer case studies, featuring apps that were built & deployed in less than six months.
  • Strategies on how to use rapid application development that will save time and money.
  • How to build end user self-service in your apps resulting in time and cost savings
  • Overcoming the challenge of missing, incomplete & constantly changing business requirements.

According to the Enterprise CIO Forum:

  • 31% of all application development projects are cancelled before they're completed
  • 53% will end up costing twice as much as originally projected
  • 30% fail altogether

These sobering statistics tell us what you may already know - You need a new approach to building business applications. 

Register Now.

Making the Most of Managed Services
Date: Nov 04, 2015

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IT Departments are under pressure to do more with less. The fight for IT dollars and talent is increasingly fierce. IT Departments are struggling to keep cost low, manage growing network demands and attract the skill sets they need. IT pros are getting stuck in a cycle of managing the technology with little time or resource to transform and innovate.

Fortunately, the cloud, x-as-a-service offerings, and managed services are making this job a little easier. Managed services are common in storage, hosting, security, help desk, network management systems management, data and analytics, and even voice. Whether you're a CIO trying to find a managed services partner on a strategic level, or a department head looking to get rid of a specific problem, these vendors can offer the help you need to get rid of your biggest pain points, save money, and help you get down to serving your business.

If you choose the wrong partner, managed services can come with its own set of challenges. Without the right partner, IT departments can find they spend more time and money working with vendors than getting work done.

Register today to learn:

  • The three most common ways relationships with managed service providers fail
  • Four ways to protect yourself from a problematic service provider engagement
  • The significant upside to a properly engineered provider engagement
  • How your managed service provider engagement(s) should fit in with your broader IT/business strategy
From Server Farm to Hybrid Cloud
Date: Nov 04, 2015

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Join us for a webinar on how you can take advantage of real-world lessons learned from a hybrid cloud implementation and apply them to your own business.

Industry experts, Ron Peri, CEO of Radixx International and technology analyst, Rob Enderle will discuss the scalability, reliability and security a hybrid cloud solution can provide.

Ron and Rob will walk you through how Radixx cut their TCO (total cost of ownership) by 35% on their hybrid cloud implementation and how you can leverage levels of availability, security, and performance using this approach.

Study Revealed: SMS - 6 Billion Reasons Why Your Communications Strategy Should be Built Around It
Date: Oct 29, 2015

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With more people owning a mobile phone than a toothbrush, it’s clear that ‘mobile first’ is much more than just a buzzword. The way we interact has evolved in such a way that our mobile phones represent a conduit to the whole world around us. This means that companies should not just incorporate mobile messaging into their communications strategy, but rather build their strategy around it.

Register to join mobile engagement leader OpenMarket and respected analyst firm Portio Research in this 60-minute webinar to mark the launch of their specially commissioned white paper, “SMS: The Language of 6 Billion People.”

Attendees will learn how three key trends are shaping the future of communications and technology:

  • A rapid shift to a mobile first mindset
  • The unprecedented reach of SMS
  • The emphasis on content personalization

SMS is a true mobile first technology, as it offers enterprises an opportunity to communicate with their customers, staff and suppliers in a highly personalized and extremely responsive way.

Portio Research and OpenMarket will also discuss the future of telecoms, media, and technology, and all attendees will have access to the “SMS: The Language of 6 Billion People” white paper.

Object Storage Geek-Out: Your 30-Minute Deep Dive into Ceph
Date: Oct 28, 2015

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Ceph is a breakthrough open source object storage platform that offers exabyte scalability, self-healing fault tolerance, and great performance on standard hardware. So if you’re responsible for making sure your company can cost-efficiently store its relentlessly proliferating rich media content—including documents, images, video and audio files—you need to know about Ceph.

Join this technically intensive webinar to:

  • Learn how Ceph object storage works and what it can do for you
  • Understand how to optimize your object storage infrastructure for your needs
  • Pose your top object storage questions to two Ceph experts—live online.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to quickly get up to speed on Ceph and object storage best practices.  Register today!

Enterprise Mobility Is More Than Just Device Management
Date: Oct 27, 2015

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If you’re still thinking about your enterprise mobility strategy in terms of mobile “device” management, you’re behind the times. With the influx of personal devices into the enterprise — particularly iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks running OSX — managing the devices is the least of your problems. The real challenge is managing the data and applications moving to and from those devices and accessing your network, your servers, and your enterprise applications. That’s where Enterprise Mobility Management comes in — helping you manage the secure flow of information and applications from your data center (or cloud) to the endpoints, and back, with the option to control authentication, push app updates to your users, and a whole host of other options. Attend this webinar, and you’ll learn:

  • Why Mobile Device Management (MDM) is no longer enough
  • What Enterprise Mobility Management really means
  • Examples of how enterprises are embracing new ways of managing mobility in their organizations
  • Actions you can take in your own organization to begin the process of improving your mobility management
Be your own IT Service Broker: Service Management for the next decade
Date: Oct 27, 2015

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Most challenges for IT come from changes in technology and how it is used by employees, customers and competitors. Keeping up with changing needs and expectations of the business make IT life even harder. But the advent of the digital age has also started the golden age for IT and CIOs. IT Service Brokering is the new operating model that liberates IT to work with many external providers of services, increasing the competitiveness of their businesses and enhancing customers’ and employees’ experience.

In this webinar we’ll discuss service brokering as the next phase in service management. You’ll learn basic requirements for IT service brokering, how to get started without rip-and-replace and what benefits you can expect. You’ll hear several customers’ success stories on IT service brokerage.

Join us and learn:

•         Why enterprise IT must adopt service brokerage

•         The role of service desk in the service brokering model

•         How to deliver engaging experiences and new, modern services


We will also provide a live demo of the HP Propel solution.  

Hybrid Cloud: Be Agile and Powerful
Date: Oct 22, 2015

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When is 1 + 1 more than 2? Successful hybrid cloud implementations are all about being more than the sum of their parts: more than just public cloud API calls, more than a private cloud running on premises, more than just agility and power by themselves.

Your hybrid cloud can be more than the sum of its parts.

Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Find out how you can get simple, seamless and secure access to all your mainframe data as you build out new cloud and mobile apps
  • Find accessing the power of the mainframe as easy as accessing any database, object, document or spreadsheet - all of which will bring the agility needed to speed app development

Your customers will be delighted with faster time to market and an overall richer experience you provide. Join IBM and Rocket to learn more about how to make this a reality.

The Unstructured Tsunami: 5 Survival Tips from Top Object Storage Practitioners
Date: Oct 21, 2015

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Millennial knowledge workers generate and consume unstructured content—including documents, images, video and audio—at an unprecedented pace. If you don’t plan carefully, that content will crush your storage budget and subject your end-users to frustrating wait-times.

Object storage can fulfill your capacity, performance and cost objectives. But you have to plan ahead to win.

Join this convenient free storage-focused webinar to:

  • Learn how to optimize object storage for cost and performance
  • Find out what you can do now to avoid major unstructured content storage headaches later
  • Get real-time answers to your top object storage questions from industry experts—live

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to quickly get the smarts you need to make sure you and your budget don’t get swept away by the unstructured tsunami.  Register today!

Considerations When Moving Your Organization To The Cloud
Date: Oct 15, 2015

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Does the idea of moving your enterprise data and infrastructure to the cloud fill you with fear, uncertainty, and doubt? If so, you're not alone. Many IT professionals believe moving to the cloud will lessen their control over mission critical applications and information. The danger is not in moving to the cloud, but in doing it wrong. Knowing the right questions to ask yourself and your provider can go a long way toward alleviating your fears as you evaluate your infrastructure options.

We'll take you behind the scenes to look at what cloud provider certifications, and ratings really mean. We'll guide you on the right questions to ask to ensure you have a solid RFP to help you make strategic decisions. And we'll pay special attention to how your operations team and that of your provider can reduce the risk of downtime.

Join us for this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • Key questions to ask as you evaluate cloud providers
  • What uptime means in the real world
  • Where is risk really introduced and how you can mitigate it
  • What to look for in compliance and the cloud.
  • Cloud connectivity options – from best to worst.
  • How leading companies have made a smart reallocation of IT resources to elevate operations and control in the cloud.
Breaking through the <i>REAL</i> bottleneck in your Oracle infrastructure
Date: Oct 14, 2015

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Register today for this InformationWeek webinar that will address the real source of the bottleneck in your Oracle database infrastructure – the shared storage that can’t keep up with the demands of increased transactions and users. 

Gain the ability to quickly, easily, and economically overcome performance issues while avoiding high costs of proprietary solutions that can also require increased software licensing, database redesign and restrictive expandability.

Speakers from Dell and SanDisk will walk you through how to accomplish all of this by incorporating technologies that let you get the most of your database infrastructure.


The New Economics of Flash Storage
Date: Oct 01, 2015

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Flash storage changes everything.  In today’s business world, enterprises are looking for every advantage possible.  While storage budgets remain challenged, enterprises are forced to address an ever growing amount of data to store and analyze.  Flash storage can provide the fastest, most economical way to address this deluge – if purchased, architected and protected properly.

In this webinar, independent IT analyst George Crump from Storage Switzerland will challenge members of the Dell Enterprise Solutions Group to explain how the data center is rapidly evolving around flash, and how a business should prepare for this significant transition now.

While flash can transform your data center, you’ll need to understand the various product choices for flash storage, and how these systems have ripple effects throughout the data center including data protection and backup.  TLC flash in particular can make flash storage more affordable than ever, but there are pitfalls with this technology as well.

SQL Server 2005: Yes, it’s Time to Move. Optimizing Your Move from Legacy to Modern
Date: Sep 30, 2015

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The end of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is fast upon us. Businesses like yours are facing the need for new database software and new equipment to support that software. Join Microsoft, HP, and SanDisk to see how you can drive better data performance, better density and a better end-user experience by upgrading your SQL Server database platform.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What End-of-Support means to you and your business
  • The benefits of moving from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2014 (legacy to modern!)
  • Achieve significantly higher levels of SQL Server and application performance acceleration
  • Attain new levels of performance density - supporting more workloads with fewer server cores
  • Why End-of-Support is an opportunity to optimize your business operations

You’re not alone here. See how other customers have made the move from SQL Server 2005/2008 and the business benefits that resulted. Join us so that we can help you achieve the same.

Future-Proofing Your IT with Converged Technology Solutions for the Software-Defined Era
Date: Sep 29, 2015

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Industry mega trends such as big data, mobility, and cloud are reshaping our world at an unprecedented pace. Taking advantage of modern application design, while still maintaining existing operations has made the datacenter much more complex and placed a huge burden on IT. It’s time to future-proof your IT with converged technology solutions and architectures for the software-defined era!

As part of this live video webinar, you’ll:

  • Find out how to better understand the cost of the modern datacenters and what’s driving convergence
  • Learn how Dell’s convergence strategy and methodology produce more efficient results by enabling true seamless scalability at every layer of the infrastructure
  • Gain insight into Dell’s industry leading converged technology portfolio and the engineering principals that guide our vision
  • Learn how Dell’s FX2 converged infrastructure solution and reference architectures enable organizations to efficiently leverage and rapidly adopt modern applications while simultaneously supporting existing operations on a single universal infrastructure

Join us to learn how to radically reduce complexity, increase agility, and better prepare your business to meet tomorrow’s challenges with Dell converged, future-ready solution technology. Stay agile and move faster than the competition with Dell Datacenter solutions.

Measuring Cyber Risk Through Security Data Analysis
Date: Sep 29, 2015

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In this unique webcast, editors at Dark Reading will join top IT security experts to discuss ways that your organization can mine and harvest security data to provide a clearer picture on the cyber risk faced by your organization. You'll get insight on ways that you can correlate and integrate a variety of information about your current threat environment, and how you can martial that internal data to create reports that measure your organization's current cyber risk. You'll also get tips on how you can use existing data to report on your enterprise's current security posture, and offer forecasts on future risk.
Enterprise-grade Amazon Web Services Deployments – Is Your Organization Ready?
Date: Sep 24, 2015

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There are typically two camps for Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployments: the cloud/application team that loves the ease and speed of deploying new instances and the network/IT team that hates the lack of control and reduced visibility. AWS deployments are growing, but they will never be enterprise-grade unless the entire organization cohesively works together.

Join us to learn about best practices for AWS EC2 deployments. Topics will include:

  • Understanding the needs of different groups across IT
  • Ensuring network visibility for spun-up and spun-down AWS resources
  • Eliminating handoffs between the server and network teams
  • Reducing risk for IP address and DNS record provisioning across AWS
IT Support Services: What's your Strategy?
Date: Sep 22, 2015

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Defining your enterprise technical support needs is booming in an increasingly complicated era of BYOD and Shadow IT. With IT organizations under increasing pressure to deliver measurable business results while still keeping all systems go, you’re likely finding that your current in-house staff may need some backup. So, where do you start?

This InformationWeek editorial webinar will give you the guidance you need to develop a technical support strategy that makes the most sense for your business. We’ll provide insight into the various roles that third-party managed service providers can play in supporting your IT organization, give you best-practice guidelines on forming effective relationships with your technical support providers, and teach you the pitfalls to avoid in signing on managed service contracts.

Inject Performance, Scale, and Better Economics into Your Oracle Environment: A Customer Case Study
Date: Sep 15, 2015

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Your mission-critical Oracle environment demands maximum performance, and your business requires greater scale. Oracle database customers all over the world are looking to scale their database environment, maximize performance, and do so in a way that saves significant dollars through consolidation of workloads.

Attend this webinar to learn how Oracle customers are accomplishing this in ways that saves both in CAPEX and OPEX. See how you can achieve the same, no matter your Oracle DB deployment – entire or portion of DB on in-server flash, virtualized, or clustered systems. If you are investing too much in new server hardware and software licenses but still coming up short on performance, it’s time to consider modernizing your Oracle data center architecture.

This webcast will show you how you current Oracle DB customers are

  • Consolidating business/mission-critical workloads with better performance and customer experience
  • Optimizing their Oracle licensing costs
  • Achieving significantly decreased latency and a high number of I/O operations per second (IOPS)
  • Virtualizing more of their Oracle environment – including business/mission-critical applications
  • Drive massive performance and scale, no matter the Oracle database deployment

This high-performance, consolidation solution is simple and easy to deploy at a lower cost than other popular SAN storage systems. These features also help reduce maintenance (frequent mechanical disk failures), power, cooling, and rack space costs significantly.

Making the Right Choices When it Comes to Private and Hybrid Clouds
Date: Sep 10, 2015

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Businesses are turning to private clouds to deploy services faster while also reducing IT costs and resource demands.  They're using hybrid cloud models that combine private and public cloud approaches to boost their agility in handling peak demands and reduce operational complexity.
Join this webinar on September 10 to learn about:
  • The challenges that businesses face with uncontrolled server virtualization, VM sprawl, and orphaned servers
  • How private and hybrid cloud deployments reduce virtualization sprawl
  • Key private/hybrid cloud deployment and management strategies
  • How organizations are building and benefitting from high-performing cloud infrastructure
  • Lessons learned from leading organizations on selecting the right cloud model
Register today to learn how private cloud solutions from Dell, which feature Intel® technology, can help your IT organization respond quickly to changing business requirements and customer demands.  Join us and discover how your business can create its own successful private and hybrid cloud strategy!
Optimize your infrastructure to increase IT performance and minimize risk
Date: Aug 27, 2015

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Is your infrastructure holding your business back?

To succeed today, your business needs the integration of:

  • mobile and cloud technologies
  • partner and supplier access and data
  • application development and analytics
  • security and governance.

This level of integration is tough to achieve with monolithic data centers, static networks and legacy applications.

Don’t fret, you can make a plan to adapt your environment for the future while still leveraging your current investments!

Register for this webinar and learn how your company can transition to more agile and flexible IT by streamlining infrastructure and taking advantage of virtual, cloud, and software-based architectures to provide more responsive, secure, and economical IT.


Register Today!

SSDs: Drive Your Business with Solid State Drive Storage
Date: Aug 27, 2015

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End user computing, including ongoing support for employee devices, makes up a significant part of any IT organization’s budget. In addition, endpoint devices provide the easiest route into the corporate network for security threats.

How can you lower equipment and support costs, improve security, and boost employee productivity all at the same time? One way is with the introduction of solid state drives (SSDs).

In this webinar, storage and computing experts will discuss how SSDs can: 

  • Enable your organization to lower its annual laptop TCO
  • Achieve significant cost savings through lower IT labor and support costs
  • Provide increased employee productivity
  • Be introduced in a manner to preserve current assets while renewing outdated technology

Join us on August 27th to learn about the potential of converting to SSDs. We’ll also introduce a new professional service that can ease your migration while preserving your laptop fleet and reducing costs.

By registering for this webinar, you’ll also receive a copy of Network Computing’s exclusive report, 6 SSD Myths Debunked.

Climate Change: The Latest Stats & Strategies for a Changing Tech Industry
Date: Aug 26, 2015

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Electronics industry leaders in engineering and supply chain will want to attend this two-part webinar to learn about the reality of climate change and how the design and manufacture of electronics products affects it. We will also look at how the industry can help reverse those effects while uncovering profitable new market opportunities.
In part one, attendees will discover the latest statistics on climate change from Technology Forecasters CEO Pamela J. Gordon, who studied climate crisis and its solutions with former US Vice President Al Gore and geophysicist Dr. Henry Pollack. (The two shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize). This hour will also include brief remarks by industry leaders regarding the critical importance of climate change reversal to the tech industry.
The tech industry has been a champion for reversing climate change. In part two of the webinar series, Gordon will offer insights based on her 32 years' experience gained in studying and in consulting for the electronics industry. Webinar attendees will learn how to prepare their companies to survive the economic challenges caused by climate change. They will learn how to thrive by designing products and operations that are part of the solutions that are urgently needed. We'll also be talking with a guest OEM about the direction and strategy used by that organization to successfully (and profitably) play a key role in reversing climate change.
Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • A clear evidence-based look at the realities of climate change.
  • The ways in which the electronics industry plays a part in climate change.
  • How the electronics industry can play a part in reversing climate change.
  • How electronics OEMs and partners can help address climate change while retaining and enhancing their business.

Who should attend: Electronics industry leaders including supply chain professionals, engineers, and designers, at OEMs, contract manufacturers, electronics distributors, electronic rep firms, component manufacturers, etc.

Rein in the Outrageous Costs! Learn How to Modernize Your Oracle Data Center Architecture
Date: Aug 20, 2015

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Your company may be one of many continually pouring money into new server hardware and software licenses but still coming up short on performance. If so, save that money – and your job – by learning how to modernize your Oracle data center architecture.

This webcast will discuss how you can:

  • Slash costs in hardware and software by putting more workloads on fewer servers
  • Clamp down on server sprawl and enhance Oracle database/application performance with more workloads on a smaller infrastructure.
  • Simplify management with a highly scalable, easy-to-deploy Oracle implementation
  • Decrease latency and a high number of I/O operations per second (IOPS)
  • Boost business productivity and agility

Register today and find out how real world businesses have benefitted from modernizing their data center architecture to Cisco UCS Servers and SanDisk PCIe flash storage.

Accelerating Oracle DB: A Business and Technology Case Study with Cisco and SanDisk
Date: Aug 20, 2015

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Featured Technology Product or Service of Webcast:

Cisco UCS servers and SanDisk enterprise flash products

Main focus will be: Deploy a High-Performance Oracle database  solution with Cisco UCS Serversand SanDisk  Fusion ioMemory PX600


Time is money in a mission-critical Oracle environment. If you are investing too much in new server hardware and software licenses but still coming up short on performance, it’s time to consider modernizing your Oracle data center architecture with  Cisco UCS Servers and SanDisk PCIe flash storage. The Cisco UCS/SanDisk PCIeflash combination enables you to address server sprawl and Oracle db/application performance, allowing you more with less. A lot more workload, on a lot less hardware infrastructure.

This webcast will show you how you current Cisco/SanDisk customers are:

  • Cutting costs (hardware and software) by putting more workloads on fewer servers (consolidation)
  • Optimizing their return on investment (ROI).
  • Achieving significantly decreased latency and a high number of I/O operations per second (IOPS)
  • Implementing a highly scalable, easy to deploy Oracle implementation
  • Increasing business productivity and agility

And how you can too!


This high-performance, consolidation solution is simple and easy to deploy at a lower cost than other popular SAN storage systems. These features also help reduce maintenance (frequent mechanical disk failures), power, cooling, and rack space costs significantly.

Simplify Your Hadoop Infrastructure: <br/>Industry Experts Reveal Big Data Strategies That Work
Date: Aug 12, 2015

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Big data and data management are fast becoming the next frontier for innovation, productivity and competitive advantage.

Our panel of industry leaders will show you how to simplify and modernize your Hadoop infrastructure to increase performance and agility using cost-effective and secure big data strategies. The team of experts from Dell, Cloudera, Syncsort and Intel will discuss a multidimensional solution that will streamline your approach to data management. Join them as they discuss use cases and best practices, and look at how today’s ETL offload implementation of Hadoop can help you collect, manage and analyze data to drive the insights your business needs to solve the problems it faces – in medicine, research, government, business and more.

Our panel of experts will discuss how to:

  • Achieve significant improvements in business agility
  • Cut or defer unsustainable costs
  • Optimize valuable processing capacity for faster queries
  • Modernize your approach to data collection, management and analysis
  • Adopt advanced data analytics that can build a distinct competitive advantage for your business


Going Mobile: Why Build vs Buy is the Wrong Conversation
Date: Jul 29, 2015

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For most IT projects, the choice is clear: build or buy. Mobile, however, presents a unique set of circumstances that bring unexpected challenges to each of these options. The modern workforce is fully immersed in the "culture of now," and they expect simple, bite-sized, contextual interactions with their mobile experiences that IT is expected to provide.

Join us for this InformationWeek webinar where we’ll deep dive into the different approaches to going mobile, covering benefits and drawbacks. Hear from Myckel Haghnazari, IT Director at Flextronics about how his company chose to tackle the mobile challenge and the successes they have realized from both an IT and business perspective.

What We’ll Discuss:

  • Uncover hidden pitfalls and challenges with the traditional build vs. buy approaches to mobility
  • Discover how to transform your business by simplifying and mobilizing complex business processes that exist today
  • Learn how to take a user-centric approach to designing enterprise apps for mobile devices
  • Hear how companies like Flextronics have transformed their business by delivering simple, but powerful, mobile experiences
New Study: 3 Reasons Companies Fail to Collaborate Effectively
Date: Jul 28, 2015

View archived webinar

Two-thirds of companies fail to implement the collaboration capabilities they need—despite the fact that early adopters report that those technologies meet or exceed their pre-deployment expectations. A new InformationWeek Research report uncovered three key factors that keep companies like yours from reaping the same benefits as these early adopters. 

Participate in this interactive webinar to:

  • Learn what holds companies back Unified Communications – and how to overcome those obstacles
  • Better understand what UC really is and what it can do for your business
  • Find out how the cloud is revolutionizing UC implementation
  • Get answers to your UC-related questions from two leading experts for FREE

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the results of InformationWeek Research’s latest Unified Communications market study directly from its author. Sign up today!

IT Service Management: 7 Trends That Change Everything
Date: Jul 23, 2015

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The role of IT in the enterprise is undergoing unprecedented change, as CIOs and IT leaders are being asked to innovate for the business while they also keep the technology infrastructure running seamlessly. Meanwhile, mobile, wireless and social are all part of the IT portfolio, and your users want end-to-end delivery of applications and services wherever they are and whenever they need them.

While it’s easy to dismiss ITSM as a relic of a bygone age of IT, the reality is that in today’s dynamic environment ITSM matters more than ever. At the same time, the pressure is on to make ITSM align with the realities of today’s business technology environment.

We’ll explore all this and more in this InformationWeek Webinar, IT Service Management: 7 Trends That Change Everything.

Attend this informative one-hour session and you’ll learn the seven key trends that are reshaping ITSM, and how you can optimize your products and practices to meet changing enterprise demands. You’ll learn:

  • How to accommodate changing organizational dynamics
  • Which functional priorities matter most
  • Ways to manage change without losing your mind
  • How to make the move to agile
Is Your Organization Ready for the Future?
Date: Jul 21, 2015

View archived webinar

The emergence of new form factors in consumer technology promises to embed digital intelligence throughout the fabric of daily life. Within a relatively short time, consumers will have access to incredible new capabilities that will redefine the customer experience. For financial institutions, these next-generation technologies carry the risk of making legacy channels obsolete.

Fortunately, organizations can take a few simple steps to prepare themselves to deliver information and services through these next-generation technologies. To serve the customer of the future, financial institutions must unlock the wealth of information trapped within bank, credit card, investment statements and other documents. Financial information has to be incorporated into flexible formats that empower mobile and web apps to provide the right information and the right insights, at the right time and place.

Join us for a webcast to learn how to transform static customer information into rich interactive experiences.

You’ll learn:

  • How the latest technology trends reshape the consumer experience, and the implications of these technologies  in your industry;
  • Examples of how emerging technologies may integrate into the consumer banking experience;
  • Why legacy approaches to customer data management and access may not work for supporting next-generation technologies;
  • Ways that banks can translate static information into flexible and interactive formats that support real-time delivery of financial information through any device or form factor.

Register today to learn how to develop a competitive advantage by preparing for the digital future.

Tips for Implementing a Successful Multi-Cloud Strategy
Date: Jul 16, 2015

View archived webinar

Your IT infrastructure needs grow exponentially and a single-faceted approach to the cloud may not work for the long haul.  Are you looking into cloud strategies that will meet your companies long term needs? 

This webinar will help you understand:

  • How IT needs and priorities shift as businesses grow
  • Common roadblocks often faced as IT needs evolve
  • ROI considerations of public and private cloud deployment models
  • The benefits of a multi-cloud approach:  low cost, long-term flexibility and scalability

Attend this webinar  and get  closer look at important ROI and management considerations for your effective long-term cloud strategy.

The InformationWeek DevOps Experience: The Impact of Agile Operations
Date: Jul 14, 2015

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In an age when less than perfect doesn’t cut it, and business models are changing to win in the new app economy, you need to be on top of your game, particularly with the various components of DevOps. For example, how reliable is your approach to agile IT operations? It's imperative to be able to remove bottlenecks and trouble spots associated with QA and production software deployment, driven by agile development groups that release software more often. With better agile IT operations, you'll be able to remove silos, improve collaboration between all stakeholders, and unify the goals of the development and operations teams.

At this InformationWeek Event, sponsored by CA, you’ll learn how to deliver proven value to your organization and customers by streamlining the app dev process so you can transform your overall IT operations. You'll learn how to cut out wasteful expenses and demonstrate to the business side of the corporation how much IT influences the optimization of IT operations. And you’ll be able to keep up with the demanding pace of the business while assuring quality app dev outcomes.  

All times West Coast.

9:00am – 9:15am  Welcome and Overview
Lenny Liebmann, Contributing Editor,
9:15am – 9:45am   What Does DevOps Mean for IT Operations?
Kevin Behr, Co-Author, The Phoenix Project
As business models are changing to win in the new app economy,
enterprises worldwide have found DevOps to be the best way for
technology teams to successfully navigate change.  While many
focus on new approaches to software development, what does DevOps
mean for IT operations?  Hear renowned DevOps practitioner
Kevin Behr discuss how IT teams built around reliability and risk
avoidance successfully adapt to support new pace of deployment
and more dynamic infrastructure
9:45am – 10:15am      Agile Operations: Innovation with CA APM and CA UIM
Michael Madden, CA Technologies, GM DevOps
An overview of new features in CA APM 10 and UIM 8.3 and how these
solutions help IT operations teams become more agile while still ensuring
high levels of reliability demanded by IT
10:15am – 10:55am      Best Practices in Agile Operations: Experts Panel
Moderator: Lenny Liebmann, InformationWeek
Panelists: Aruna Ravichandran, CA Technologies;
Kevin Behr; John Balsavage, President, A&I Solutions; DevOps Customer TBD       
10:55am   Closing Comments
Aruna Ravichandran, VP, Marketing and Strategy,
CA Technologies 
Announcement of Drone Raffle Winners
Don’t Let Storage Spoil Your Application Performance
Date: Jul 13, 2015

View archived webinar

Can your storage technology live up to the demands of your application environment? Deploying and managing shared storage in today's virtualized enterprises must be simpler and easier. Your staff has more important things to do than managing separate systems and mapping LUNs and volumes to VMs

Join us for an interactive webcast to learn how hyper-converged compute and storage systems can help get storage under control.

You’ll learn:

  • How to solve the vexing challenges of deploying storage for virtualized applications with Intel® Xeon® processors.
  • The advantages of starting with the compute and storage you need today and then scaling in small increments with predictable costs
  • How to deploy compute and storage for virtualized applications in less than 30 minutes
  • Ways to lower your long term TCO with one platform to buy and manage for both server and storage

Register today to learn why hyper-converged compute and storage is a lot more than hype.

Flash for MySQL: How to Increase Performance and Lower Costs
Date: Jul 09, 2015

View archived webinar

Is your MySQL database storage plan killing your datacenter efficiency? The traditional storage approach for MySQL databases is to deploy servers in master/slave pairs. The master is part of a larger cluster where database rows are horizontally ‘shared’ across multiple masters to enable scale-out. Slaves are used for off-load of read traffic and act as fail-over nodes in the event that a master server crashes or data gets corrupted. Since database corruption and server crashes are rare, many slaves sit idly, taking up space, power, and requiring expensive cooling.

Attend this Webinar and you'll learn about options that allow you to de-couple slaves from masters and consolidate servers, resolving sever sprawl without putting your data at risk. In this one-hour presentation, we'll give you:

  • Four viable options for addressing server sprawl. 
  • A simple, yet effective option to reduce server count by up to 50%.
  • Ways to time and money by changing the way your masters replicate to your pool of slaves.

Register now to attend this webinar and as an added bonus you'll receive the white paper "Optimize MySQL Cluster Environments with HGST Flash Pools."

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