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Our mission is to empower you with trustworthy information to help you balance the risks and opportunities of technology. We help IT leaders make mission-critical decisions on management challenges, cybersecurity threats, emerging tech, and more.

For nearly 40 years, InformationWeek has been a trusted source for CIOs and other IT leaders seeking comprehensive and authentic coverage of the constantly evolving world of technology and its impact on business. Our experienced and ethical journalists conduct in-depth examinations of crucial issues and the impact of global events on IT operations and strategies, helping forward-thinking executives stay at the forefront of their industries.

InformationWeek provides a platform for enterprise IT leaders—people like you, using IT innovation to drive business innovation—and leading tech companies to share their insights and experiences through exclusive interviews, opinion pieces, and events, offering firsthand accounts of strategies, trends, and innovations.

Also, InformationWeek partners with leading analysts at Omdia to gain more insights, learn what’s on the enterprise tech market horizon, and help you benchmark your successes. Plus, regular commentary provided by other leading analysts and executives from major tech companies will help you stay ahead.

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Our Coverage 

InformationWeek specializes in news analysis and in-depth examinations of crucial issues that IT executives are devoted to—such as our special coverage of the cloud computing outages that impact businesses worldwide. 

We look at news events across the world and see how they impact IT operations, IT strategy, and IT professionals today and in the future, helping forward-thinking executives stay ahead—for example, our coverage of how the war in Ukraine impacted cloud service providers and IT supply chain; and how the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe vs. Wade impacted enterprise data collection and privacy controls. We help IT executives investigate the opportunities of emerging technologies while weighing their risks. We speak with enterprise IT leaders about their work, and hear from the leading tech companies changing how they do business. 

Whether it’s management challenges, staff shortages, software development, customer experience, supply chain issues, climate change/sustainability, business resilience, cybersecurity, IT modernization, cloud migration, or cost overruns that have you concerned, we’ve got it covered. 

While InformationWeek embraces innovation, when it comes to generative AI, we have a strict policy guided by our trusted editors.

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Our Editors

  • Editor in Chief -- Sara Peters
    A journalist for 20 years, Sara Peters has spent most of her career covering cybersecurity and enterprise IT, with a dash of basketball on the side. Before joining InformationWeek and Network Computing, she was senior editor at Dark Reading and a columnist for Bleacher Report.

  • Managing Editor -- Cathleen Gagne
    Cathleen Gagne is an online content developer/editor for B2B technology websites and their specific audiences with experience spanning more than 20 years. Previously, she was a senior editorial operations manager at TechTarget, and before that, a senior editor at Computerworld.

  • Senior Editor -- JP Ruth
    Joao-Pierre S. Ruth has spent his career immersed in business and technology journalism first covering local industries in New Jersey, later as the New York editor for Xconomy delving into the city's tech startup community, and then as a freelancer for such outlets as TheStreet, Investopedia, and Street Fight. Follow him on Twitter: @jpruth

  • Senior Writer -- Shane Snider
    Shane Snider is a veteran journalist with more than 20 years of industry experience. He started his career as a general assignment reporter and has covered government, business, education, technology and much more. He was a reporter for the Triangle Business Journal, Raleigh News and Observer and most recently a tech reporter for CRN. He was also a top wedding photographer for many years, traveling across the country and around the world. He lives in Raleigh with his wife and two children.

  • Digital Editorial Program Manager -- Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor is the Digital Editorial Program Manager across Enterprise IT media brands: InformationWeek, Data Center Knowledge, ITPro Today, and Network Computing. He enables the successful delivery of sponsored content programs, secures speakers for the brands' many events, and assists in content strategy.

  • Digital SEO Content & Copy Editor -- Dylan Fisher
    Dylan Fisher is the Digital SEO Content & Copy Editor at InformationWeek, ITPro Today, Data Center Knowledge, and Network Computing. He's the author of "The Loneliest Band in France." He lives with his wife, Danielle, and their two adopted dogs, Rosie and Daisy, in Atlanta, GA.

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