Learning to Navigate Multi-Cloud at ESCAPE/19 and ONUG

Expert insight on how to address challenges and leverage advantages of multi-cloud.

The complexities of multi-cloud deployment might give some organizations pause before exploring this route to digital transformation — the input from the experts that follow could shed some light on what to expect. A chorus of professionals came together recently at two separate conferences in New York where they shared experiences and ideas on multi-cloud to help organizations choose their next steps.

ESCAPE/19 and the ONUG fall conference were unaffiliated with each other but held on the same days and a subway ride apart. The timing and proximity of these conferences show a heightened interest in the discussion on how best to implement multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure.

The ESCAPE/19 multi-cloud conference, presented by Cockroach Labs, unsurprisingly focused on multi-cloud topics and included speakers from HashiCorp, Riot Games, Docker, and LightStep. Meanwhile ONUG (The Open Networking User Group), an association of enterprise IT leaders, put on a conference that covered software, networking, and digital transformation themes with multi-cloud in the mix. The lineup of speakers came from such companies as Intuit, Microsoft, IBM, VMware, and Cisco.

Both conferences offered insight from the trenches of the multi-cloud arena, with particular attention paid to identifying what does and does not work. The slideshow that follows presents a taste of the knowledge shared and questions raised about what may be ahead for organizations that hope to find some advantage by going multi-cloud.

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