Privacy And RFID: Are The Tags Spy Chips?

In a wide-ranging interview, privacy-rights advocate Katherine Albrecht discusses her belief that unaccountable corporations and governments have nightmarish plans for RFID-chipping everything--and everyone.

TechWeb: With all the research you did, what is the most disturbing fact you found?

Albrecht: The part that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck was when we looked at patents and information to track people. This is where it gets downright creepy. The patent is titled 'Method in Apparatus for Locating and Tracking Persons.' This involved the surgical implantation of an RFID device deep inside the human body. The company talks about planting the device in the head, torso, and deep muscles in the limbs or organs like the gastro intestinal track where they are impossible to remove without major surgery.

Click to hear Albrecht read from the patent.

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