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How a Platform Approach can Solve Today’s Security Conundrum

by CBTSOct 22, 2020

How a platform approach can solve today's security conundrum.

Cisco SecureX connects the breadth of an integrated security portfolio and your entire security infrastructure for a consistent experience that unifies visibility, enables automation, and strengthens security across your network, endpoints, cloud, and applications.

Learn the pros and cons of the 3 approaches to security platforms: Solution-based platforms. Technology-based platforms (SIEM and SOAR). Integrated,

Simplify Your Security

by CBTSOct 22, 2020

A new approach that redefines security.

An integrated security portfolio and infrastructure that enables a consistent experience—unifies visibility, drives automation, and strengthens security across your network, endpoints, cloud, and applications that empower security teams, processes, and technologies.

Cisco SecureX will: Unify visibility across your entire Cisco security infrastructure. Automate critical security workflows. Enable collaboration. Reduce complexity

Improve your business with a Virtual CISO

by CBTSOct 22, 2020

Is your organization in need of security strategy or direction?

Is your organization lacking a security strategy, having difficulty adopting best practices, or seeking direction on security initiatives and projects? A Virtual CISO brings needed experience and can act in an advisory role or help you with short-term or long-term projects. Qualified CISOs are difficult to find and expensive to employ. A Virtual CISO could be the answer you've been looking for.

Improve your

Managed Threat Detection and Response

by CBTSOct 22, 2020

What you don't know CAN hurt you.
Security is complex and challenging and few organizations have the experts or infrastructure to protect their data. Managed Threat Detection and Response helps organizations reduce time to detect and contain breaches, helping to protect critical assets and resources.

What do you need to know? Not all data is created equally. When moving to a cloud model, the dynamics change significantly. A strong combination of security tools and experts are

5 Questions Your Email Security Vendor Doesn't Want You to Ask

by AvananOct 21, 2020

Email gateways like Proofpoint and Mimecast were designed to protect on-prem email, but when you moved to the cloud, it revealed 5 vulnerabilities that expose users to attack.

Read "5 Questions Your Email Security Vendor Doesn't Want You to Ask" to learn:

• Why SEGs can't block insider email attacks
• Why SEGs allow attackers to bypass the gateway
• How impersonation attacks get through SEGs

Understand the State of Email Security with the Ultimate Cloud Email Security Expert

by AvananOct 21, 2020

The days of on-prem email are over. You and your company are in the cloud. And that brings more cloud-based threats than ever before. Understanding those threats has never been more important. With help from cybersecurity expert and Washington Post journalist Brian Krebs, download this report to learn about the state of cloud email security, including:

• The uptick in ransomware
• Post-delivery protection
• Securing the cloud suite

The 2020 Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection Report

by AvananOct 21, 2020

In the most thorough analysis of its kind, Avanan analysts classified over 500,000 malicious emails, sent to real mailboxes protected by Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). This research identified the types of attacks that were blocked by ATP or EOP, and the types of attacks that were missed by both.

Read "The Microsoft ATP Report" to learn:
• Why ATP misses at least 18% of malicious emails
• How ATP works in different environments
• Why

IDC Workbook: Best Practices for Cloud Security

by ExtraHopOct 03, 2019

Most businesses use at least some public cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. But, as a security specialist do you know the vulnerabilities? What is your responsibility and what should be handled by your cloud vendor? In this report, IDC compiles learnings and best practices for cloud security.

You will learn:

• Which pieces of cloud security fall to service providers vs. users under the Shared Responsibility Model
• What are the suggested

Top Threats to Cloud Computing: The Egregious 11

by ExtraHopMay 01, 2020

You've known for a long time that enhancing your security is critical as you move more workloads from the on-premises datacenter to the cloud. Many organizations are being proactive by reexamining their cloud security posture. Given the events of the last couple months, it's a good time to resurface the Cloud Security Alliance's (CSA) "Egregious 11" list of top vulnerabilities and threats.

This CSA's report shines a light on the challenges security teams face, offers key takeaways

2020 Gartner Market Guide for Network Detection & Response

by ExtraHopJul 16, 2020

Network Detection and Response (NDR) is rapidly emerging as a must-have capability in modern security operations, providing In its second annual Market Guide for Network Detection and Response*, Gartner provides insight into this accelerating market. Key takeaways from Gartner include:

"Enterprises should strongly consider NDR solutions to complement signature-based tools and network sandboxes. Many Gartner clients have reported that NDR tools have detected suspicious network traffic



Avanan catches the advanced attacks that evade default and advanced security tools. Its invisible, multi-layer security enables full-suite protection for cloud collaboration solutions such as Office 365™, G-Suite™, and Slack™. The platform deploys in one click via API to prevent Business Email Compromise and block phishing, malware, data leakage, account takeover, and shadow IT across the enterprise. Avanan replaces the need for multiple tools to secure the entire cloud collaboration suite, with a patented solution that goes far beyond any other Cloud Email Security Supplement.


With deep capabilities across security, data, network, voice, managed services, monitoring and management, CBTS covers your technology needs with end-to-end expertise and is dedicated to driving business outcomes.


ExtraHop is the leader in real-time IT analytics. Our platform makes data-driven IT a reality, applying advanced analytics and cloud-based machine learning to all digital interactions to deliver timely and accurate insight. IT leaders turn to ExtraHop first to help them make faster, better-informed decisions that improve performance, security, and digital experience. Just ask the hundreds of global ExtraHop customers, including Sony, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Adobe, and Google. To experience the power of ExtraHop, explore our interactive online demo: