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Phishing by Industry Benchmarking Report

by KnowBe4Jan 17, 2019

Every security leader faces the same conundrum: even as they increase their investment in sophisticated security orchestration, cybercrime continues to rise. Often security seems to be a race between effective technology and clever attack methodologies. Yet there's an overlooked layer that can radically reduce an organization's vulnerability: security awareness training and frequent simulated social engineering testing.

This report includes baseline phish-prone percentages by

Case Studies: Real World Incidents Detected and Stopped by Awake

by Awake SecurityJan 08, 2019

Now that security tools that have become proficient at identifying noisy, malware-based attacks, cyber criminals have adapted to using non-malware techniques in a majority of breaches. They rely on tools that already exist within the environment, abusing insider credentials or using SSL tunnels to legitimate sites for command and control. Attackers are also targeting the ever-growing population of non-traditional devices on the network, devices that often lack the same level of security

EMA Radar Summary for Network-Based Security Analytics Q3 2018

by Awake SecurityAug 17, 2018

MAs evaluation is based on analysis of over 100 different KPIs in five primary categories: Deployment and Administration, Cost Advantage, Architecture and Integration, Functionality, and Vendor Strength.

Awake has been recognized for providing the greatest balance between features and costs when compared to a dozen other vendors evaluated in the Enterprise Management Associates Radar™ report on network security analytics.

"Network traffic analysis is proving to be a

Embracing the Looming Challenge of 100% Encryption

by ExtraHopSep 04, 2018

This brief outlines the reasons enterprise SecOps teams need to be able to decrypt data for analysis, and walks through the pros and cons of two technical approaches.

Gartner Report: 5 Questions That CISOs Must Answer Before Adopting Artificial Intelligence

by ExtraHopJan 04, 2019

Learn Gartner's recommendations for vetting artificial intelligence systems and seeing through the marketing fluff around overhyped AI tech.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Technical Architecture

by ExtraHopJan 04, 2019

Take a look under the hood of ExtraHop Reveal(x) Network Traffic Analysis for the Enterprise

Investigate East-West Attacks on Critical Assets with Network Traffic Analysis

by ExtraHopJan 04, 2019

This SANS Institute review tests out a workflow for investigating attacks using Reveal(x) Network Traffic Analysis for the enterprise.

Gartner Report: Align Net Ops and Sec Ops

by ExtraHopJan 04, 2019

Learn Gartner's take on how to get more value out of Sec Ops and Net Ops by aligning their initiatives.

2018 Threat Intelligence Report

by AlienVaultJan 04, 2019

Threat intelligence has become a significant weapon in the fight against cybersecurity threats, and a large majority of organizations have made it a key part of their security programs.

This threat intelligence report, produced by Cybersecurity Insiders, explores how organizations are leveraging threat intelligence data, the benefits and most critical features of threat intelligence platforms, and the biggest cyber threats organizations are using their threat intelligence to combat.

Beginner’s Guide to Open Source Incident Response Tools & Resources

by AlienVaultJan 04, 2019

In this beginner's guide, you'll read about the best open source tools for incident response, resources for how and when to use them, and how to determine the source of an attack.

Topics cover the three A's of incident response: Ammunition, Attribution and Awareness
• Ammunition - Finding the right open source tools for incident response
• Attribution - Identifying ownership on the anonymous internet
• Awareness - Emphasizing the importance of security at



At AlienVault, we believe that open and collaborative is the best way for all companies to gain the security visibility they need. Our Unified Security Management (USM) platform provides a fast and cost-effective way for organizations with limited security staff and budget to address compliance and threat management needs. With all of the essential security controls already built-in, through out of the box integrations with dozens of sophisticated open source security technologies, USM puts enterprise-class security visibility within easy reach of smaller security teams who need to do more with less. AlienVault USM customers include government and educational entities, and enterprises of all sizes around the globe. For more information visit, or download the free 30-day trial:

Awake Security

The Awake Network Detection and Response Platform accelerates security teams' ability to detect threats, including file--ess malware, malicious insiders, credential abuse and lateral movement. By applying machine learning to network full-packet capture data, the platform creates the a context data model that correlates, profiles and tracks entities encompassing devices, users and domains. Awake then codifies into this model institutional knowledge that today sits just in the brains of individual analysts. This combination of autonomously derived entity information and human know-how places the context that security teams need at their fingertips and enables them to respond to existing alerts and hunt for malicious behavior in a rapid, iterative and conclusive manner. Importantly, Awake delivers value within hours and without the need for agents, integrations or lengthy training periods.


ExtraHop is the leader in real-time IT analytics. Our platform makes data-driven IT a reality, applying advanced analytics and cloud-based machine learning to all digital interactions to deliver timely and accurate insight. IT leaders turn to ExtraHop first to help them make faster, better-informed decisions that improve performance, security, and digital experience. Just ask the hundreds of global ExtraHop customers, including Sony, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Adobe, and Google. To experience the power of ExtraHop, explore our interactive online demo:


KnowBe4, Inc. is the world's most popular integrated platform for Security Awareness Training and simulated phishing attacks. We help you manage the ongoing problem of social engineering.

KnowBe4 was founded on the principle that the human side of the cyber security industry is severely neglected. We have thousands of customers using our new-school security awareness training program to keep their networks safe.

We are in the business of training employees to make smarter security decisions.

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