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The Geek Guide to Calculating the ROI of DevSecOps

Sep 16, 2020

Traditionally, security has been pushed off to the final stages of the process, bolted-on as an afterthought in the software development and delivery lifecycle. Before the DevOps concept took hold, when the entire process consumed many months or even years, this wasn't a big problem.

Now that more companies have adopted continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) models, releases tend to occur in weeks or even days. In this model, waiting until the very last minute to ensure an application is safe and secure to deploy has the potential to destroy the entire process and derail delivery.

DevSecOps answers this challenge with a security-focused mindset into traditional DevOps processes. Security decisions become an integral part of the workflow without sacrificing speed or slowing down development.

This guide examines:
• The business value of adopting DevSecOps, along with container technologies that help actualize DevSecOps processes.
• Key insights into the current rate of market adoption of containers and DevSecOps
• The best tools to help your organization realize ROI from "shifting left" by adopting containers and DevSecOps.

Take a look and see where your organization can improve.


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