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Whitepaper: ROI Evaluation Report: Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

by Nucleus ResearchJan 01, 2008

Microsoft Exchange 2003 delivers new features that promise to reduce server utilization, lessen administrative burdens, and facilitate remote access. This paper explores the costs and benefits associated with a Microsoft Exchange 2003 deployment. The associated Nucleus Research financial modeling tool can be used to calculate the ROI, TCO, payback period, and risk of an Exchange 2003 deployment in a specific user environment. Microsoft Exchange Server provides email, collaboration, and administrative tools that support business communication.

Whitepaper: The Real ROI From SAP

by Nucleus ResearchJan 01, 2008

SAP AG is a global provider of e-business solutions. SAP has traditionally provided Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, with one of the largest installed customer bases among competing providers in this space. This paper takes a broad look at the returns and costs associated with various SAP technology deployments. Fifty-seven percent of SAP customers interviewed did not believe that they had achieved a positive ROI, after having used their SAP applications for an average of 2.8 years.