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Torry Harris Business Solutions (THBS) was founded in 1998 in New Jersey, USA. The company focuses on high-end, niche technical skills, predominantly in the middleware, integration, Service-oriented Architecture and Cloud Integration areas. It provides software services to enterprise clients across different industry verticals through a combination of offshore and onsite services. The company has offshore development centers in Bangalore (India) and Shenzhen (China) and offices in Bristol (UK),Ireland, Munich, Madrid, Singapore, Dubai and Shenzhen.

The company has been CMMi Level 3 certified; for quality and maturity of processes. It has also been certified to comply with British Security Standards 7799 (now termed as IS 27001).

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Whitepaper: Software Quality Assurance

by Torry Harris Business SolutionsJan 01, 2008

Understanding software faults and failures is the first step to treating them and recognizing a failure is one of the most important skills that a tester can possess. A number of enterprises conduct testing on an ad-hoc basis without an independent testing team. A good test team, typically, would try to make the application fail and thus unearth the points of failure.

Whitepaper: SOA Test Methodology

by Torry Harris Business SolutionsJan 01, 2008

This paper published by Torry Harris Business Solutions, provides a comprehensive guidance on best practices for testing SOA Solutions. Service-Oriented Architecture, or SOA, enables IT departments to make the transition from an application-centric view of the world to a process-centric view. Today, IT departments have the freedom to combine business services from multiple applications to deliver true end-to-end support for business processes. And, because the integration mechanism of SOA (usually Web Services) enables loosely coupled integration, IT departments can upgrade or change applications without impacting other applications.

Whitepaper: SOA-Offshore, a Roadmap to Successful Implementation With a Cost Effective Offshore Partner

by Torry Harris Business SolutionsJan 01, 2008

Thinking of Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) as a methodology of implementing IT solutions, rather than a technology, allows significant benefits to an enterprise that seeks to adapt to change. The nature of SOA mimics the model of offshore development where services are provided on demand for finite discrete parts of the whole. These units of service are atomic, created as single reusable units of logic that can be combined when required to fulfill business functionality.