CollabNet leads the industry in Agile application lifecycle management (Agile ALM) in the Cloud. The CollabNet TeamForge ALM platform, CollabNet Subversion software configuration management (SCM) solution, and ScrumWorks project and program management software enable teams using any environment, methodology, and technology to increase productivity by up to 50% and to reduce the cost of software development by up to 80%. CollabNet also offers Lab Management for provisioning development, build, and test clouds. CollabNet products are offered in the Cloud on the Codesion hosting platform and also in on-premise versions. As the founder of the open source Subversion project, CollabNet has collaborative development for distributed teams in its DNA. Millions of users at more than 6,000 organizations, including Applied Biosystems, Capgemini, Deutsche Bank, Thomson Reuters, and the U.S. Department of Defense, have transformed the way they develop software with CollabNet.

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Whitepaper: What Gets Measured, Gets Done How the Right Measures Drive Better Engineering

by CollabNetApr 16, 2013

Read this whitepaper to learn about the 5 best practices for engineering performance management, and understand the do's and don'ts of metrics management, analytics and reporting in software development environments.

Whitepaper: Bloomberg BusinessWeek Agility for Differentiation

by CollabNetApr 16, 2013

Organizations are finding that a cloud-based platform for agile software development provides the speed and flexibility they need to respond to opportunities and market changes. But this will not happen overnight. To support cloud adoption, enterprise cloud development (ECD) platforms can provide a secure path for managing development and deployment in a hybrid cloud environment.

This research report highlights how organizations are implementing and benefiting from cloud-based agile software development.

Whitepaper: The State of Git in the Enterprise

by CollabNetMar 06, 2013

Git was created for development speed and according to our survey results, this is exactly why organizations from a wide range of sectors have turned to it. Its speed and powerful branching and merging have led to its adoption within companies of all sizes, both in terms of employee size and annual revenue. Git's adoption in the enterprise, is clearly seen as a shining point.

Specifically, Git is enabling development teams to be more agile and innovative, and to move at a fast pace. Survey data reveals that Git is almost always associated with leading-edge mobile, social and cloud-based applications, along with more frequent product iterations.

As with all tools, Git has shortcomings that lead to challenges and concerns among its users, and in particular with management in enterprise settings. Those key challenges are with regard to security, governance and administration at scale.

To make up for these shortcomings, enterprises are adopting a hybrid approach to source code management (SCM) usage, making it a vital if not major part of their development process. They also prefer to complement SCM with central administration and governance functions.

Whitepaper: From Revolution to Evolution: The Case for Agile ALM

by CollabNetJan 04, 2013

Read this paper to find out what is happening in the industry in regards to Agile ALM and what you can do to take your development teams to the next level.

Whitepaper: Implementation Checklist for Developing and Deploying in the Cloud with Agile ALM

by CollabNetJan 04, 2013

Implemented correctly, this blueprint has been documented by organizations to increase time to market 10-70%, increase developer productivity up to 40%, and reduce IT budgets by up to 20%.

Whitepaper: Building Value with Continuous Integration

by CollabNetJan 04, 2013

This paper is written to provide guidance for teams new to continuous integration or wanting to explore ways to improve their implementations. The topics explored in this paper include Value Stream Maps, Antipatterns, and Tools and Technology for Continuous Integration.

Whitepaper: Evolution to Cloud: Hybrid Cloud Drivers, Challenges, and Benefits

by CollabNetJan 04, 2013

This Q&A document explores how IDC IT development organizations are successfully leveraging the cloud for development and deployment.

Whitepaper: IDC Analyst Connection: ALM PaaS Cloud Solutions for Governance and Business Innovation

by CollabNetJan 04, 2013

This Q&A document forecasts where IT development organizations are headed in the next 18-24 months and what they need to do to benefit from emerging technologies.

Whitepaper: Git for the Enterprise: Secure, Scalable, Standards-Compliant

by CollabNetDec 19, 2012

Due to its flexibility and speed, Git has become popular with individual developers, and small enterprises and workgroups. For most enterprises however, effective management of Git is a challenge. Discover technical innovations and emerging best practices now provide additional options to manage Git in the enterprise.

Webcast: Git for the Enterprise - Promises and Pitfalls

by CollabNetDec 19, 2012

Git is the world's leading DVCS (distributed version control system). Enterprise adoption for Git however has been slow. Concerned with security breaches, compliance violations and lack of governance, many chose to 'wait and see'.