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Citrix Online provides secure, easy-to-use online solutions that enable people to work from anywhere with anyone: GoToMyPC for remote access, GoToAssist for remote support, GoToMeeting for online meetings and GoToWebinar for larger Web events. A division of Citrix Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CTXS), the company is based in Santa Barbara, California.

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Whitepaper: Driving IT Help Desk Efficiency with Customer-Centric Remote Support

by Citrix OnlineOct 23, 2009

The IT help desk is a high-stress environment � and sometimes it can feel downright chaotic. While the obvious objective is to resolve technical issues, IT help desks also battle call length, employee dissatisfaction and low morale. IDC predicts that by 2011, 73 percent of the U.S. workforce will be mobile, inevitably increasing the pressure on the IT help desk. That�s why more companies are turning to Web-based, customer-centric remote support to support a burgeoning remote workforce.

Whitepaper: The Benefits Of Computer-Based Audio Conferencing

by Citrix OnlineOct 19, 2009

Audio conferencing has evolved significantly since the days of the neighborhood telephone party line. And the technology is undergoing another noteworthy transition, thanks to two significant factors: VoIP and the use of Web conferencing as a business tool. Take an in-depth look at the uses and costs of traditional audio conferencing, as well as the multitude of cost and productivity benefits companies realize with computer-based audio conferencing.

Whitepaper: It's Time To Review -- And Renew -- Your Telecommuting Policy

by Citrix OnlineOct 19, 2009

There�s no �one size fits all� when it comes to telecommuting. This new Forrester white paper explores how implementing best practices to create a telecommuting program and standardized policy significantly reduces operational costs and increases employee productivity -- a winning combination in a tough economy.

Whitepaper: Top 10 Strategies For Managers Of Mobile Workers

by Citrix OnlineOct 19, 2009

By 2011, the mobile workforce in the U.S. is expected to reach 120.1 million people. Embracing this trend is more of a question of "how" rather than "if": How will you measure, manage, and build relationships with increasingly distributed teams and workers? Learn how to effectively manage workers in an increasingly mobile environment.

Whitepaper: Instantly Connecting Developers Across The Miles

by Citrix OnlineOct 19, 2009

Software developers don�t work in a bubble. Whether they�re in adjacent cubes or adjacent time zones, developers must communicate efficiently to ensure project success. Relying only on instant messaging, e-mail, and phones to connect with one another works, but slowly -- it's kind of like running in a pool. Learn the key challenges remote developers and teams face while exploring the advantages of leveraging an online collaboration solution to instantly connect, eliminate travel, and expedite projects.

Whitepaper: The Power Of Virtual Collaboration In Project Management

by Citrix OnlineOct 19, 2009

Today, stakeholders and projects pepper the globe. Successfully navigating the project lifecycle �- from risk management and estimating to managing scope and facilitating knowledge transfer �- now requires a different recipe. This new eBook explores how companies can implement virtual collaboration tools throughout the project lifecycle to effectively manage projects from start to finish.

Whitepaper: Balancing Customer Intimacy with Self-Sufficiency

by Citrix OnlineSep 09, 2009

Self-service continues to rock the support world because it drastically frees up representatives� time and reduces expenses. But are there hidden costs of self-service? This white paper explores self-service�s impact on the rest of the support organization and what you can do to better balance assisted support with self-service strategies.

Whitepaper: Measuring the Business Impact of Support

by Citrix OnlineMar 01, 2009

Customer support has long been a business mainstay. Yet, the business impact of support is seldom measured � despite the influence of support on higher revenue; customer satisfaction and loyalty; and increased productivity. This ServiceXRG White Paper explores the importance of quantifying the impact of support on your business.

Whitepaper: Streamline Your Business with Innovative Tools

by Citrix OnlineFeb 01, 2009

Citrix Online has put together a practical guide that explores how Web-based solutions have enabled real companies to achieve remarkable results, such as reducing cost per sale by 75 percent; improving productivity by 10 percent and increasing revenue by $1 million.