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Whitepaper: Building an Intelligence-Driven Security Operations Center

by RSAMay 01, 2014

This paper details why organizations needs to shift more security resources from preventing intrusion toward rapid threat detection and remediation, and the intelligence-driven security approach that is required to do so.

Whitepaper: Take Charge of Security in a Hyperconnected World

by RSAMay 01, 2014

Read how organizations can improve breach readiness and cyber security maturity and see recommendations for areas with greatest opportunity for improvement.

Whitepaper: Call Recording Gets Easier, Less Costly with VS Logger

by RSAApr 15, 2008

This white paper describes VS Logger call recording software and its benefits and shows screenshots of the product's interface.

VS Logger provides protection from lawsuits and makes it easy to quickly defuse customer disputes. In addition, it provides business phone security, makes employee training and performance reviews easy, reduces data entry errors, and provides a lower-cost alternative to traditional third-party verification programs.

Users can learn how to use VS Logger in minutes to monitor live phone calls, automatically record calls, find particular call recordings, generate performance and usage reports, grade calls using custom QC tests, and e-mail call recordings in a click.