Coverity is the trusted standard for companies that have a zero tolerance policy for software failures, problems, and security breaches. Coverity's award-winning portfolio of software integrity products enables customers to prevent software problems throughout the application lifecycle. By accurately identifying defects and security vulnerabilities in critical code, Coverity makes it easier for teams to accelerate time-to-market, reduce risk, and increase customer satisfaction. Coverity's innovations in meta-compilation, Boolean satisfiability and multi-threaded application analysis enable the accurate analysis of large code bases in a fraction of the time required by other source code analysis products. Coverity is the first solution to identify defects with a combination of precision, speed, and accuracy that effectively deals with the size and complexity of today's code.

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Whitepaper: Software Integrity for Agile Environments

by CoverityJan 01, 2011

According to a recent study, almost 40% of companies have implemented some form of Agile development. While it�s designed to increase efficiency, it can also introduce risk as testing cycles get condensed and serious bugs can get overlooked. In this whitepaper, learn how Coverity can help you assure the quality, security and safety of your code in Agile or hybrid development environments to:

• Improve quality by allowing developers to test for defects early and often so they can ensure the quality of their code at each development sprint

• Reduce time and risk by finding hard to spot critical defects during the development phase of the software development lifecycle where they are cheapest and quickest to address

• Improve productivity of developers by providing them actionable information about the severity of defects, their potential impact and where they occur in the code

• Apply a continuous code assurance by testing the code for defects as part of a continuous build system

• Integration with leading Agile development tools including Hudson Build Accelerator

Whitepaper: Dr. Dobb's Code Analysis Playbook

by CoverityOct 20, 2010

Does the software you just turned over to QA do what it was intended to do? Does it conform to all issues spelled out in the requirements? Do you feel lucky today? Well, software quality just doesn't happen. It requires a clear understanding of what the software is to do, a design that efffectively implements the requirements, and access to tools and techniques that let developers analyze the source code to ensure that all of these issues have been efficiently and correctly addressed. Code analysis that does this is what this special issue of Dr. Dobb's is all about, ranging from risk analysis and code scanning, to static analysis that lets you test code as it is being written. Using the tools and techniques presented here can make the difference between project success and failure, and luck has nothing to do with it.

Whitepaper: Coverity Maintains Software Integrity of Sun Microsystems’ Award-Winning Storage Products

by CoverityApr 20, 2010

For customers of Sun Microsystems� long-term storage products, quality is rarely an issue. Sun is a global leader in network computing infrastructure solutions with well-known brands such as Java, Solaris, MySQL, and StorageTek.

In a highly competitive market, companies like Sun constantly need to increase quality and reliability, speed delivery, and reduce costs just to stay even with its rivals. Coverity Static Analysis is a great addition to help not only achieve these objectives, but also surpass them. It has proven to be a tool that can find defects earlier, which reduces development costs and accelerates time to market.

Using Coverity Static Analysis also results in higher quality products in the field because there is more complete coverage of exception handling code in testing. Finally, the real-time feedback improves software developers� coding skills resulting in fewer testers needed relative to the number of developers. These benefits help Sun and its already award-winning products to not just stay on par with the competition, but widen the gap between Sun and its challengers.

Whitepaper: Schneider Electric Improves Product Quality While Saving Over 2,500 Engineering Hours with Coverity

by CoverityJan 20, 2010

Schneider Electric (Schneider) is a global leader in energy management, developing solutions to make energy safe, reliable, efficient, and productive from plant to plug.

Schneider Electric has adopted Coverity to improve product quality and software integrity while reducing development costs and re-focusing resources on innovation, benefits which have been realized within the development organization, across the company, and supported at the highest level within Schneider Electric management.

�We run the analysis from a centralized team and send out an email one week later announcing the results are available for the developers to review. If there is ever a delay in getting this information out to the developers, they come to us and seek it out. Not a single developer did this in the past. Now we have developers demanding Coverity.� - Frank Klosek, Qualimetry and Senior Technical Manager

Whitepaper: Ensuring Code Quality in Multi-Threaded Applications

by CoveritySep 15, 2007

Coverity's static source code analysis solutions automatically enable better software quality by providing development teams with tools to systematically measure, analyze, and improve both the inputs to the software production process and the results produced. This technical white paper reviews dangerous concurrency defects such as Race Conditions and Deadlocks you need to be wary of.