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Whitepaper: Case Study: Metron Enterprise and Howard County, Maryland

by eTelemetryJul 14, 2008

Howard County, Maryland, has approximately 3,000 users on its County IT network. Users who engaged in streaming music and inappropriate surfing or had misconfigured PCs, for example, were straining the network and impacting employee use for legitimate work purposes. Limited resources and an inability to monitor network activity left Howard County without any reliable way of identifying the sources of these violations. The IT department would be routinely asked to analyze hard drives for evidence of inappropriate behavior�a time consuming task that resulted in an extended warning and firing process so that only the most severe cases were investigated.

Howard County required a solution that would quickly and easily give it an ability to monitor the activity on the County network. Since the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Law would likely be involved, the data had to be presented in a user-friendly manner and yet be comprehensive enough to satisfy the IT Department. Howard County turned to eTelemetry�s Metron.