Vindicia was founded in 2003 to address the need for commercially available back-office payment management solutions for online merchants. The majority of Vindicia's executive team was previously the executive team at eMusic, the first digital merchant to design, implement, and manage a recurring billing, online music subscription service. The executive team offers a unique combination of domain expertise, having operated a digital merchant business, and technical expertise, with an emphasis in payment and security solutions.

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Whitepaper: The Strategic Impact of Billing on Subscription Based Businesses

by VindiciaApr 23, 2008

The most strategic decision e-commerce merchants will make is how they will bill customers for their services. Yet very few merchants give this function the same weight and attention they give to other important elements of their business. Compounding the challenge, billing infrastructure is also likely an area in which these same merchants have little or no experience.

This white paper will defend the argument for the strategic criticality of billing infrastructure, examining its impact on critical business areas such as customer acquisition and retention; fraud management; and pricing customization. Along the way the article will examine the way the appropriate billing infrastructure reduces or eliminates reliance on IT professionals, putting the right marketing tools directly in the hands of marketers.

Finally, the white paper will offer examples of the practical impact a billing infrastructure solution can have on these business areas. To cite one example: why are declined customer transactions so common given they keep money out of a merchant's pocket and frustrate customers? When presented with a willing consumer of goods or services and an on-line provider, a flexible billing infrastructure will not take no for an answer.