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Emerald Software is unique because we deliver business solutions built using Business Process Management (BPM) technology. We call this approach Applied BPM. Implementing BPM solutions usually involves buying a BPM platform, followed by months of development. Emerald shortens the time to productivity, while maintaining business process agility, and giving control to your business users.

-Emerald Software delivers flexible, anywhere-anytime, Business Process Management solutions. -Emerald Software's products ensure compliance with business rules, regulatory constraints, and best practices.
-Emerald Software offers products in flexible, customer-centric licensing models.
-Emerald Software masters the art of customer service, creating not just customers, but Raving Fans.

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Whitepaper: CEO To CEO: Why You Need An Onboarding System

by Emerald Software GroupJan 01, 2008

What is AllegroHR? It's a Web-based, hosted HR process automation solution that automates the new hire process from beginning to end, has configurable workflow, allows for paperless forms with eSignatures, and mimics your process Why AllegroHR? It's easy to use, touts reduced time and effort, has consistent orientation for new hires, and increased accuracy, according to Emerald Software Group.