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Feitian is dedicated to being the leading innovator of smartcard and chip operating system based security technologies and applications. Feitian's major business covers Software Protection dongle, Two Factor Authentication Token, Smartcard COS and Peripherals. Feitian's High performance and Low cost devices and solutions are widely accepted from personal application to enterprise system globally.

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Whitepaper: Feitian Authentication USB Key

by Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.Oct 12, 2008

This white paper describes the ePass Authentication USB Token, where to use it, and why to use it. It also lists all the ePass family products and their basic specifications.

Whitepaper: Feitian Smart Card

by Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.Jul 15, 2008

Smart card products are used in every economic sectors, from banking to mass transportations. Feitian Technologies provides a full range of Smart Card solutions including GSM SIM card, CDMA RUIM card, Java card, .Net card, PKI card, Creative card, Payment card, and Electronic ID card. The Feitian .Net Smart Card Platform is extending the advantages of .Net framework to smart card industry. It provides the possibility, immediately, for current .Net framework experts becoming smart card