Brocade is an industry leader in data center networking solutions and services that enable organizations to manage their most vital information assets. It's no wonder that Global 500 companies rely on Brocade technology to keep their businesses running around the clock. Brocade has pioneered the technologies that enable highly reliable and secure data center connectivity. Today most of the world's data flows through Brocade equipment and data center networks built on Brocade technology.

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Webcast: Behind-the-Scenes: A Look at CoxHealth's Network Modernization

by BrocadeApr 28, 2016

From networking gear sharing closets with mops and medical equipment to a dedicated IT-as-a-service model. Watch this webinar to see how CoxHealth modernized its IT network-increasing reliability from two-nines to four-nines, simplifying management, and establishing an SDN-ready platform for the future.

Whitepaper: 10 Reasons Healthcare Organizations Should Deploy a New IP Network

by BrocadeApr 28, 2016

Information is the lifeblood of patient care. This ZK Research paper explains how, with the New IP, you can better leverage information thanks to a modern, patient-centered network. It's a smart way to improve service delivery, patient safety, and data security.