Global DataCenter Management, Inc. (GDCM) is a global software development company focused on providing solutions to manage and drive down data center costs. Founded by data center professionals in 2003, the company has focused on solutions to manage the physical infrastructure of data centers and improve their operational efficiency. Our nlyte software suite provides data center managers with a comprehensive view of their managed assets and provides automated solutions for typical management tasks, and the enforcement of standard processes and procedures.

With nlyte, changes in the data center can be modeled before implementation to determine their impact on power, cooling, and space allocation. Our software allows companies to intelligently manage their power consumption, shrink their carbon footprint, and to optimize their critical data center infrastructure to drive down costs.

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Whitepaper: Data Center Asset Planning - Regaining Control of the Data Center

by GDCMOct 01, 2008

All parts of the organization?from the board and executives through the IT Director and data center manager to data center operators?have a part to play in regaining full control of the power and real estate costs that are beginning to run out of control. With power costs rising sharply and increased public and corporate focus on environmental issues, such as carbon footprint, the techniques exist to tackle power inefficiencies in the data center?it is more a question of if the will

Whitepaper: Avoiding the Economic Cliff by Managing the Data Center Floor

by GDCMOct 01, 2008

In a time of shrinking revenues, few cost savings can match the deferral of data center expansion. Oddly, many enterprises have failed to optimize the management of the raised data center floor ? a practice that requires visualization, monitoring, optimization, and modeling in order to make the best use of space, power, and cooling while also enhancing availability and service levels. One could almost (but not quite) understand this neglect during periods of rapid revenue growth. However, to