To gain a competitive advantage in a fast paced, data-driven world companies need immediate answers to any business question they decide to ask. As the leading analytic platform provider, ParAccel accelerates analytics and opens the door for companies accelerate growth, drive innovation, and compete to win. ParAccel Analytic Platform is an analytic database surrounded by extensibility and integration technology as a foundation for running big data analytics, anytime, anywhere. There is no workload too complex, no analysis too advanced, and no user base too broad for ParAccel.

ParAccel's Fortune 1000 customers are expanding their analytic footprint to create new business opportunities, drive increasing business momentum, and sustain a competitive advantage. Join companies in Digital Media, Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Government, who are testing the bounds of unconstrained analytics with the most prolific, most powerful, most expansive analytic platform in the world.

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Video: Add Big Data Analytics - Seamlessly to Your Current Environment

by ParAccelMar 30, 2012

As a software-only solution, you can drop the ParAccel Analytic Platform right into your current ecosystem and it fits. Install ParAccel on your industry standard infrastructure and you can immediately load data and begin querying the data. You can quickly access additional data through on-demand integration and utilize 502 advanced analytic functions. Watch this video whiteboard for more details. Duration: Less than 2.5 minutes

Video: Big Data and Analytic Value Creation

by ParAccelMar 30, 2012

Watch this video to learn about The term Big Data didn't exist 3 years ago, but today it is one of the main topics of focus for the media and within organizations that are grappling with ever increasing amounts of data. What's clear is that there is still a lot of confusion about what big data really is and how to tame it.

Is it a phenomenon or is it just hype? How has the data explosion changed the way business users interact with data? What pressures is big data putting on information architects, data warehousing and BI professionals who are responsible for building architectures to support the business needs?

ParAccel has some of the answers. Join us for an informative webinar that will:
• Reveal the true definition of big data and its future
• Discuss how big data has changed the way business users interact with data and new pressures put on IT
• Talk about best practices in taming the data tsunami from both an IT and business perspective
• Outline how offloading data from your data warehouse into an analytic platform can put information into the hands of business users at a pace they have never experienced before

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how you can be the innovator in your organization in helping them tame the big data tsunami and deliver immediate value to business users.

Whitepaper: Criteria For Analytic Platform Selection

by ParAccelMar 26, 2012

In business you need to know in order to make a decision, right then. Not tomorrow, not even in a few hours. When making a business decision you want to base it off facts, information-- data. Can your ad hoc analysis scale up quickly enough to keep you competitive?

Read this white paper to learn about a platform that supports advanced statistical and data mining operations that can require multiple passes through many-- even hundreds-- of terabytes of data. If you are looking for a fast, accurate platform that can handle even the most unstructured data, read on.

Video: Next Gen Database Performance Crunch Big Data

by ParAccelMar 26, 2012

ParAccel built the most powerful analytical platform in the world. When you combine the fastest analytic database on the planet with the most collaborative analytic platform in the world, you get the most powerful analytic platform in the world. That means you can create more value for your company than with any other analytic platform in the market.

Watch this video whiteboard now to learn about an agile, fast processing analytics platform. Duration: Less than 2.5 minutes

Whitepaper: Creating The Analytics-Driven Enterprise

by ParAccelMar 26, 2012

ParAccel Analytic Platform combines a high performance analytic database with a powerful suite of supporting applications that drive unconstrained analytics and accelerate the value of analytics across the entire company. Unconstrained analytics covers the full spectrum of users, use cases, capabilities, and data.

The beauty of an analytic platform is that it supports all shapes and sizes of analytics in a single deployment. No workload too big, no use case too broad. It's time to dream.

What would your company look like if the most important decisions you are making every day were driven by smart data? Imagine being able to analyze anything, anytime, any way and being able to do it with blazing speed.

Read this white paper to learn the possibilities of what your business could do with insight well in advance of the competition

Whitepaper: The ParAccel Analytic Database: Accelerate Insight

by ParAccelDec 08, 2010

ParAccel Analytic Database (PADB), is the world�s fastest, most cost-effective extensible platform for accelerating insight and empowering analytics-driven businesses. In this technical white paper, you will learn how ParAccel enables organizations to tackle the most complex analytic challenges and glean ultra-fast deep insights from vast volumes of data. Data-driven businesses in financial services, retail, health care, government and more are taking advantage of ParAccel to tackle critical, time-sensitive questions outside the scope of conventional data warehouses and existing analytic tools.

Whitepaper: Fraud Analytics for Financial Services

by ParAccelNov 15, 2010

When it comes to credit card transactions, two key goals drive the need for high- performance analytics: putting the lid on fraud while ensuring the customer relationships aren�t jeopardized through erroneous denials of legitimate transactions. Given the speed at which fraud is perpetrated, financial services businesses increasingly need to detect and halt fraud in minutes, rather than hours or days. �Our goal is to ensure that our customers can quickly put the lid on crime at the point of sale, while minimizing impact to customers,� says Russell Brown, business intelligence analyst at FIS, one of the world�s top-ranked technology providers to the financial services industry.

Besides the need for speed, financial services businesses, such as credit card providers, are grappling with the scale of their data. These data stores of data are constantly growing�for instance, authorization data, changing customer demographics, recent billing histories, etc. The complex and iterative queries that fraud detection specialists rely on need access to trillions of small pieces of information, in order to detect patterns of fraudulent activity, which can be buried deep within these data volumes.

ParAccel delivers the scalable performance demanded by business analysts working to detect fraudulent credit card activity in minutes, rather than hours or days. This solution brief explains how Fidelity Information Services (FIS) executives realized that they needed an analytics database solution that could keep up with additional fraud complexity as well as much larger sets of data to improve detection rates.

Whitepaper: Accelerate Insight for Financial Services: Reduce Risk. Stop Fraud. Increase Profits.

by ParAccelOct 12, 2010

Financial services organizations face immense hurdles in maintaining profitability, building competitive advantage and meeting service levels for customers and in-house staff. All of these can be severely impacted through a widening variety of risk factors, including regulatory risk, criminal risk, macroeconomic risk, etc. Increased demands from customers, regulators and shareholders are also driving financial services businesses to seek new ways to simultaneously sharpen investing prowess, minimize risk and fraud, and improve compliance and customer service at unprecedented rates.

For example, the recent global economic crisis has resulted in further regulatory pressures on financial institutions, such as investment and commercial banks. The Basel III Accord has introduced both increased capital requirements and countercyclical capital buffer requirements.

Meeting these kinds of increased risks and demands requires deep, timely analysis of data � data that accumulates relentlessly. This accumulation has started to push many institutions past the performance limits of their existing data warehousing platforms, especially those that weren�t designed for complex analytics. Whether they�re mortgage banks, investment banks, credit card providers, or other institutions within the industry, financial services organizations must perform �what-if� scenario analysis, identify risks, and detect fraud patterns. The advanced analytic complexity required often makes such analysis slow and painful, if not impossible. This in turn can result in sizeable losses.

This white paper provides a clear path to providing the accelerated insight needed to perform in today�s complicated business environment to reduce risk, stop fraud, and increase profits.