ArcSight (NASDAQ: ARST) is a leading global provider of compliance and security management solutions that protect enterprises and government agencies. ArcSight helps customers comply with corporate and regulatory policy, safeguard their assets and processes, and control risk. The ArcSight platform collects and correlates user activity and event data across the enterprise so that businesses can rapidly identify, prioritize, and respond to compliance violations, policy breaches, cybersecurity attacks and insider threats.

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Whitepaper: Mitigating Fraud with the ArcSight SIEM Platform

by ArcSightNov 17, 2009

Online fraud is fueled by data theft and increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals, relying on misdirection and gaps in detection systems. Although fraud may never be eliminated entirely, The ArcSight SIEM Platform offers solutions that can accurately detect fraudulent activity and thus mitigate overall business risk.

Whitepaper: Handling Modern Security Issues

by ArcSightNov 17, 2009

A new class of organizational threats and risks are emerging, that include the trusted insider. This threat is magnified by complex applications and a dynamic workforce with privileged access. This whitepaper shows you that connecting the dots can be done through six simple best practices.

Whitepaper: Demonstrating the ROI for SIEM: Tales from the Trenches

by ArcSightNov 13, 2009

This whitepaper presents examples of organizations demonstrating the ROI of SIEM and Log Management technology within weeks of deployment. In addition to the �hard benefits� presented, �soft benefits� such as situational awareness and reduced risk should also be considered when evaluating both technologies.

Armed with ROI calculations, a security team can demonstrate the value and business alignment of both technologies by building a business case inclusive of all benefits.

Whitepaper: Defeat Cyber Threats & Risks

by ArcSightNov 13, 2009

There are multiple useful technologies to monitor specific information risks, however tying these together through a single, comprehensive view will improve your security posture. The ArcSight SIEM platform provides this single �pane of glass� by aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing activity data across the organization.

Whitepaper: ArcSight Logger 4: Combat Cybercrime, Demonstrate Compliance and Streamline IT Operations

by ArcSightNov 11, 2009

Governments and businesses are increasingly vulnerable to cyber crime by hackers, malware, and insiders. Log files can be used for forensic analysis of all types of security incidents. The key requirement is collection, centralized storage and fast analysis of events from various devices and applications. These requirements are highlighted in a case study incident on Boeing Corporation.

Whitepaper: PCI DSS 1.2 and ArcSight Logger

by ArcSightOct 15, 2008

Digital fraud and identity theft incidents have made the protection of payment card information more critical than ever. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is comprised of a list of 12 requirements to which members, merchants, and service providers must adhere. It applies to any organization that stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data. The requirements include the use of data encryption, end user access controls, and activity monitoring and logging, as well as the need to regularly test security systems and processes. The following whitepaper will discuss the PCI DSS requirements and the technology necessary to address PCI DSS 1.2.

Whitepaper: Increasing Security And FSA Compliance With A 360-Degree View Of User Activity

by ArcSightOct 15, 2008

This Whitepaper highlights the technology necessary to address Financial Services Authority (FSA) compliance requirements. The FSA regulates the financial services industry in the UK. Their objectives are to:
•   Maintain confidence in the financial system
•   Promote public understanding of the financial system
•   Secure the appropriate degree of protection for consumers
•   Reduce the extent to which it is possible for a business to be used for a purpose connected with financial crime

The aim of these objectives is to ensure that the UK financial markets operate in an efficient, orderly and fair way, help consumers achieve a fair deal, and improve business capability and effectiveness. This whitepaper will describe the technology necessary to address FSA compliance.

Whitepaper: Extracting Value from Enterprise Log Data

by ArcSightOct 15, 2008

Learn how enterprises can leverage an effective log management solution to automate security monitoring and regulatory compliance, conduct forensics more efficiently, and improve operational standards. This whitepaper will outline the drivers for log management as well as their underlying challenges and drive toward a common set of requirements for evaluation of log management tools.

Whitepaper: Mitigating Fraud with the ArcSight SIEM Platform

by ArcSightSep 15, 2008

Detecting, investigating and responding to fraudulent transactions from within and outside an organization is an essential function of business operations. This is the case for virtually any organization that requires Web, Web services and non-Web applications to run its business.

Unfortunately, most organizations have inadequate solutions in place to deter fraudsters and lack the support tools for fraud investigators to quickly identify fraud and respond to the threats effectively.

This white paper outlines the requirements for an effective fraud mitigation solution. It details a solution that considers the entirety of an organization�s fraud mitigation strategy.

Whitepaper: Increasing Security, Compliance with a 360-Degree View of User Activity

by ArcSightSep 15, 2008

To address the most pressing security and compliance requirements, companies need to know who is on the network, what data they are seeing, and which actions they are taking with that data. While this sounds straightforward, it actually requires several key pieces of functionality.

This white paper highlights the technology necessary to address user monitoring, and how to increase security and compliance with a 360-degree view of user activity.