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Whitestein Technologies is a pioneer of self-adaptive enterprise software. We create software that dynamically responds to changing conditions so it can optimize your processes and infrastructures in real-time. To stay ahead, we are continuously advancing our innovations in the field of autonomous software agent technology. Contact us today and learn how our software products can enable you to better manage and optimize your business processes and help your organization be more efficient and agile.

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Whitepaper: White Paper: Goal-Oriented Business Process Management (BPM)

by Whitestein Technologies AGJan 05, 2010

The trend toward more flexible ways of working, shorter organizational reaction times and fully embracing market and business unpredictability characterizes the past years and shows no signs of abating. To master these challenges, Whitestein proposes Goal-Oriented BPM as an evolution of conventional BPM.

Whitepaper: Goal-Oriented, Autonomic BPM Models Team Up

by Whitestein Technologies AGFeb 16, 2007

Goal-oriented BPM and autonomic BPM are two significant advancements in business process management. Each yields benefits when consid- ered alone, but they are even more effective when combined due to their mutual support for each other at various levels.