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Whitepaper: Belden Variable Frequency Drive White Paper

by Adventive Marketing, Inc.Oct 13, 2009

A variable frequency drive (VFD) regulates the speed of a three-phase AC electric motor by controlling the frequency and voltage of the power it delivers to the motor. Today, these devices (also known as adjustable speed drives or variable speed drives) are becoming prevalent in a wide range of applications throughout industry, from motion control applications to ventilation systems, from wastewater processing facilities to machining areas, and many others.

Whitepaper: Belden Total Enterprise Network White Paper

by Adventive Marketing, Inc.Oct 13, 2009

The future of enterprise networks is IP convergence where signal transmission for networking, A/V, and building management and security systems are merged over one common infrastructure using common protocols rather than deploying separate closed, proprietary solutions.

Whitepaper: Belden Industrial Ethernet White Paper

by Adventive Marketing, Inc.Oct 13, 2009

Industrial Ethernet is trending to be the principal infrastructure choice for mission-critical industrial automation and control applications. Industrial Ethernet is built on the same standards-based networking platform as enterprise Ethernet, which has long reigned as the universal network solution.

Whitepaper: Belden Adaptive Heat Containment System White Paper

by Adventive Marketing, Inc.Oct 13, 2009

According to the EPA�s Report to Congress on Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency, if current trends continue, the demand for power by data centers will require an additional 10 power plants on the North American power grid by 2011. In order to minimize the impact of this phenomenon, data centers must be increasingly efficient in their use of power.

Whitepaper: Belden - Trapeze Wired/Wireless White Paper

by Adventive Marketing, Inc.Oct 13, 2009

When installing or upgrading a structured cabling plant, IT departments can demonstrate significant time and money savings by determining their wireless LAN (WLAN) requirements and folding them into the project right from the start.