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Deployed in over 100,000 networks worldwide, IpswitchTM WhatsUp Gold is the trusted network management software built on extensible and scalable core architecture. WhatsUp Gold offers automated device discovery and network mapping, real-time SNMP and WMI monitoring, and versatile alerting, notification, and reporting functionality.

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Whitepaper: Empowering ITIL Success With WhatsUp Gold

by Ipswitch Network Management DivisionSep 01, 2009

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a best practice framework for IT Service Management. Enterprises of all sizes use ITIL to streamline their processes for designing, creating, delivering, and managing high-quality IT services to their business end customers. See how WhatsUp Gold provides critical support for several key ITIL service stages and processes.

Whitepaper: The Value Of Network Monitoring

by Ipswitch Network Management DivisionJun 01, 2007

Networks have grown both more complex and more important in recent years. What began as small, departmental networks that supported interoffice e-mail and scheduling have grown into multinational networks spanning companies, countries, and economies. While continuing to support business operations, networks are now being relied on to help drive business objectives as well. This paper describes the importance of network monitoring in enabling networks to achieve this new responsibility.