BitGravity's mission is to transform communications, broadcasts, and collaboration through innovative, high-definition video services over the Internet. To realize this vision, we developed the entire stack of technology behind our global network, including applications that take advantage of the network to deliver superior customer experiences. BitGravity was founded in early 2006 and is the world's first and only distributed origin delivery network designed to balance the demands of both storage and delivery requirements. BitGravity was one of the first companies to deliver HD video over the Internet, standards-based HD live streaming, and mosaic interactive applications through its Advanced Progressive APIs. BitGravity's patent-pending network is Tier 1, highly scalable, and optimized to deliver affordable, HD-quality video on demand, live streams, and interactive applications for massive audiences on the Internet.

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Whitepaper: Seven Essential Buying Criteria For Successful Video Delivery

by BitGravityDec 01, 2009

The stakes of picking the right content delivery network for successful video delivery are getting higher and higher. This white paper examines the inability of legacy CDNs to deliver on these seven criteria and the corresponding, unique necessity for a distributed origin-based network architecture that is purpose-built for today�s broadband video opportunity. There have emerged new table stakes�seven essentials�for successful video delivery that every decision-maker needs to consider in making a decision on a video delivery provider. These buying criteria are shared across the gamut of small, video-centric startups and established, familiar media giants. No one can afford to risk their company and career on a poorly informed choice for video delivery. This white paper helps decision-makers understand the seven essential buying criteria that mitigate risk and will enable them to capitalize on delivering high-quality video affordably.