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Mail Print specializes in the execution and delivery of complex, data-driven, multi-channel direct marketing. Mail Print is a premier partner and test site for both HP Indigo and XMPie and is an industry leader in the latest direct marketing technologies, including Variable Data Printing, Personalized URLs and Web-to-Print. Mail Print Marketing Communications Portal is an integrated marketing management and production system that helps franchises and enterprises streamline marketing creation, versioning and execution for their network of locations. Mail Print's marketing portal currently serves hundreds of companies with more than 14,000 users, protecting their corporate branding standards on the email, direct mail, print, online, mobile and digital marketing assets used by each of their locations.

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Whitepaper: Increasing Profits With Next-Generation Marketing

by Mail PrintAug 15, 2008

As margins get tighter and competition increases, marketers around the world are searching for ways to increase efficiency and return on investment (ROI). While new and uncharted marketing channels are appearing every day, it's the recent innovations in one of the most trusted mediums that are delivering unprecedented response rates and profitability. Direct mail marketing, with its unique capability to reach individual consumers, has been practiced since the invention of the Guttenberg press in the 15th Century. In its modern form, direct mail response rates have hovered around 0.5% to 2%, providing consistently profitable results. However, in the past several years, aggressive advances by digital printers and direct marketers are increasing response rates by as much as 500%. At the heart of direct mail's increased profitability are recent innovations in database manipulation, digital variable data printing and cross-media marketing. This paper explores how companies can dramatically improve response rates and ROI with these next-generation direct marketing technologies.