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SCIPP International is a global non-profit organization dedicated to addressing information security awareness problems where they are most prevalent - at the human level. Based in Vienna, Virginia, USA, with offices in London and Hong Kong, SCIPP offers compliance and organizational risk mitigation through its world-class security awareness training programs for web application developers as well as enterprise level certification programs for end-users and consumers. All SCIPP courses are based upon the SCIPP GAP the common body of knowledge describing SCIPP's 10 generally accepted best business practice areas vetted by an international advisory board of leading experts.

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Podcast: Online Secure Web Application Development Awareness (SWADA) Course

by SCIPP InternationalDec 01, 2009

This ANSI accredited*, 4 hour, live on-line course reviews all of the OWASP Top-10 vulnerabilities and covers best business practices associated with secure web-application development. Upon successful completion of a 25 question post-assessment, attendees will receive a Certificate of Training that will be used as evidence of training which is required by the PCI and PA DSS.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? �Anyone who is involved with the Application Development Lifecycle: �Application / Applet Developers �Designers �Architects and Maintainers �PCI / PA DSS Auditors �Security Architects �Application Development Executives �Security Professionals �PCI Compliance Consultants and Researchers �Project Managers �IT Security Consultants �Application Security Professionals

SWADA & COMPLIANCE: SCIPP International�s SWADA Course satisfies OWASP training requirements found in PCI-DSS 6.5, PA-DSS 5.2 and the Office of the Comptroller (OCC) 2008-16 Bulletin.

PLEASE NOTE: This recorded version has been made available for evaluation and promotional purposes only. Neither a post-assessment or a Certificate of Training will be offered after the recording has ended. Live on-line classes intended for purchase are $250 per person. To speak with a SCIPP sales representative, please contact Don Cochran 703.637.4422 or email