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Whitepaper: Do Your Disaster Recovery Resources Pay For Themselves Every Day?

by MythicsMay 06, 2010

IT disaster recovery usually addresses three fundamental matters: protect the data first, the applications second, and then cover the sites that hold the data and applications. But there is a fourth dimension to data recovery: how it can help further strategic IT objectives. Do you see only the first three levels of DR in your organization?

Factors driving the urgency for disaster recovery include regulatory mandates, the growth of paperless record keeping, the scaling up of applications, growing data loads, more applications earning status as mission-critical, and the spread of real-time BI and performance management. Additionally, many organizations have experienced a major IT breakdown and want to avoid a costly, damaging repeat of that mishap.

Today, disaster recovery is not comprehensive unless it includes the basic backup, rewind, and recovery measures, plus server virtualization, off-site redundancy and � if applicable-- the ability to protect heterogeneous databases.

The typical sequence of DR adoption: data first, systems second, and sites third. But a fourth dimension, or objective, of DR should be addressed from the start:
DR solutions can deliver benefits beyond disaster recovery. They can support overall IT strategy by boosting one or more of the following areas: scalability, query speed, load balancing, BI timeliness, maintainability, and cost control. DR infrastructure that does nothing nearly all the time; just waiting for �the lights to go out� is severely underutilized.

This paper recommends best practices for selecting and implementing DR solutions, to receive ongoing benefits from the DR / HA infrastructure.