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Whitepaper: Microsoft SQL Server Databases Thrive in the Cloud: Virtualizing Data-Intensive Applications for High Availability and Cost-Savings

by Hosting.comJan 26, 2011

Hosting.com and Microsoft collaborated to address the growing concern of virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server Databases. As more and more organizations embrace cloud computing to save money, increase productivity, and to gain the ability to scale their infrastructures up or down on a moment?s notice, concerns still remain around the level of performance, availability, and overall security of their databases once they move to a hosting vendor.

Since most companies lack the in-house

Whitepaper: What Cloud Computing Means to You: Efficiency, Flexibility, Cost Savings

by Hosting.comAug 03, 2010

Cloud computing is a new approach to infrastructure?one that is the logical next step on a path to more efficient use of computing resources.

Discover how cloud computing allows you to achieve cost efficiencies and focus on strategic initiatives that add value and create competitive advantage for your company.

Whitepaper: How Real Are Cloud Security Concerns?

by Hosting.comAug 02, 2010

In spite of hype to the contrary, the vast majority of security issues that arise for Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) clouds are identical to those encountered in conventional implementations.

Read this white paper to understand the security issues that are unique to cloud implementations, and learn how to handle them with technology and good management.