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Radiant Logic

Radiant Logic, the enterprise Identity Data Fabric company, provides the cornerstone of complex identity architectures in today's digital world. With Radiant, it's fast and easy to put identity data to work, connecting many disparate data sources across legacy and cloud infrastructures in real-time, without disruption. Their solution creates a solid identity foundation that speeds the success of initiatives, including single sign-on, M&A integrations, identity governance and administration, cloud directory deployments, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, customer identity and access management, and more. From the Fortune 1000 to government agencies, organizations across the globe rely on Radiant to deliver meaningfully faster time-to-value and unprecedented IT agility, while building a secure, future-proof identity infrastructure that meets real-world business demands.

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Latest Content From Radiant Logic

Research Report: Identity Sprawl and the Toll of Enterprise Identity Debt

by Radiant LogicNov 02, 2020

This white paper is based on research conducted by Aite-Novarica Group between July and September 2021. Key takeaways include:

  • Financial services companies have made significant investments in identity and access management solutions, but still maintain multiple disjointed and isolated identity data stores
  • Fragmented identity repositories can increase risks during acquisitions
  • The Radiant Logic Identity Fabric Data approach can radically simplify complex identity management initiatives, resulting in increased flexibility, lower costs, and enhanced visibility into user behavior

Research Report: Architecting and Managing Hybrid and Cloudbased Identity Services

by Radiant LogicMay 13, 2022

One of the world's leading providers of entertainment and information had acquired multiple smaller companies that made up a comprehensive portfolio of brands and subsidiaries—each with its own identity infrastructure, creating an identity management challenge because each subsidiary needed to access shared services such as the corporate network, email, HR apps, etc. To address this challenge, the corporation created an initiative called One Identity.

Learn how they achieved:

  • Shared access to common corporate applications with SSO
  • Preservation of native identity sources
  • Virtualization and integration of all the identity data into a centralized identity hub

Research Report: Coverage Initiation: Radiant Logic uses 'Identity Unification' to Help Simplify IAM Infrastructure

by Radiant LogicFeb 11, 2022

For most organizations, identity data is highly fragmented across the enterprise and stored in various resources, including directories, databases, applications and devices. These resources hold pieces of identity data but don't provide the whole picture, which makes it costly to roll out new apps and often requires extensive customization.

You'll learn how to:

  • Get a global view across the entire IT estate
  • The ability to pull identity entitlements and serve them at a granular level
  • And more...

Whitepaper: Increasing Business Agility and Security with Identity Virtualization

by Radiant LogicNov 02, 2020

With around 1700 employees, this company had a complicated identity infrastructure with many types of identity stores, so when IT personnel were tasked with adding MFA capabilities to some of their systems, they realized they also needed to add more order and flexibility. The project had three main goals:

  • Create a central identity hub
  • Implement MFA
  • Create flexibility

Research Report: RadiantOne: Identity Integration for Zero Trust and Digital Transformation

by Radiant LogicNov 02, 2020

The transition to a fully distributed and agile digital enterprise is increasingly seen as a matter of organizational survival—only heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic. It's also clear that Zero Trust is the new cyber-security model, where identity is the new security perimeter. Read this research to learn:

  • How to avoid gaps in the perimeter
  • Realize the full dynamic potential of digital transformation
  • How identity integration is key to building a Zero Trust Architecture

Whitepaper: Secure Cross-Entity Collaboration

by Radiant LogicNov 02, 2020

Achieve fast, secure cross-entity collaboration by creating an identity hub with complete profiles for every user. Learn how RadiantOne Intelligent Identity Data Platform:

  • Gives you simple and secure Day One access across entities
  • Easily deprovision
  • Create a predictable, repeatable model for M&As

Whitepaper: Successful Identity Integration During a Merger–and Beyond

by Radiant LogicFeb 11, 2022

A large, not-for-profit healthcare system was created from the recent merger of two healthcare companies. The IT team faced a complicated, years-long process of combining their Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems. The challenge was formidable, involving 48 hospitals, 900+ patient care sites, 6,000+ active physicians, and 40,000+ employees.

Find out how they achieved:

  • Zero Trust
  • The need for multiple credentials
  • System efficiency
  • Operations
  • Security

Whitepaper: The “One Identity” Initiative

by Radiant LogicMay 13, 2022

Over the past 10+ years, much of IT has moved to the cloud including IAM, Customer IAM, and Privileged access management. Enterprises are facing mixed identity infrastructures with the added complexity of multiple IDaaS solutions. TechVision Research has recently released a new report on how to thrive in a hybrid environment which includes:

  • IAM Reference Architecture Considering Hybrid/IDaaS
  • Capabilities of the Hybrid/IDaaS Functional and Technical Landscape
  • Risk Management & IAM Governance Foundational Deployment Success
  • How to Begin Deployment and Measure Success

Research Report: The Flow of Security: Efficiency Relies On Identity Data

by Radiant LogicFeb 11, 2022

This white paper examines the primacy of identity as the underpinning of any effective security posture and is based on research conducted by Aite-Novarica Group during September and October 2021.

Key takeaways from the study include the following:

  • Deploying and managing security following its natural flow reduces cost and increases benefits
  • The ideal flow of security leads to a cycle of continual improvement
  • Any improvement in the quality and management of identity data enhances all security investments

Whitepaper: The Future-State Identity Foundation for an Interoperable & Multi-Cloud ICAM Architecture

by Radiant LogicNov 02, 2020

Identity drives everything across the federal space but underlying architectures have not kept pace with recent advances like the rise of public and private clouds, DevSecOps and Zero Trust. Learn how to turn integration bottlenecks into mission enablers:

  • Delivering Multidomain Interoperability Based on Security Level
  • Building an Agnostic Directory Firewall for Syncing to MultiCloud Environments
  • Securing Remote-Access Telework in a Time of Global Crisis