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Sonexis is a subsidiary of Compunetix, Inc. and a leading provider of an in-house audio and web conferencing platforms for the enterprise. Sonexis ConferenceManager has set new standards for ease of use and security. Designed to work within any existing voice or data network, hundreds of leading organizations have deployed Sonexis ConferenceManager with minimal cost, effort or administration. Headquartered in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, Sonexis can be reached at 888- 4SONEXIS (888-476-6394) or

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Whitepaper: Selecting a Cost-Effective Conferencing Solution

by Sonexis Technology, Inc.Aug 20, 2010

Because of the ongoing costs associated with conferencing, organizations are looking at alternative solutions to meet growing demand. As regular usage of audio and Web conferencing rises, so does the need to maintain control over these skyrocketing costs. This white paper will help you determine the best solution to meet your collaboration needs.