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Symantec Health - A Leader in Data Security and Confidence Building Symantec Health is a division of Symantec the global leader in providing security, storage and systems-management solutions to help consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world. At Symantec Health, we understand the importance of secure, reliable medical-image management. We provide medical-image archiving and sharing services that help you to remain in control of rapidly expanding data-archiving needs, as well as the associated costs. With Symantec Health, you can trust that your data is secure and you are in control. Experience the power of Symantec Health at symantechealth.com.

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Whitepaper: Medical Image Archiving - Reducing the Cost and Complexity

by Symantec HealthDec 23, 2010

In the healthcare industry, medical image archives are growing exponentially. More studies, larger studies, longer retention, and new modalities are all driving the dramatic increase in storage needs . Facing this growth, healthcare information technology (IT) departments are seeking a way to reduce image archiving costs.

Cloud-based archiving is gaining adoption in healthcare as a means to enable disaster recovery, image availability, and even image sharing among physicians and