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Solarflare is the pioneer in high-performance, low-latency 10GbE server networking solutions. Our architectural approach combines hardware and software to deliver high-performance adapter products and application acceleration middleware for superior performance in a wide range of applications, including financial services, high performance computing (HPC), cloud computing, storage and virtualized data centers. Our products are used globally by many of the world's largest companies, and are available from leading distributors and value-added resellers, as well as from Dell and HP. Solarflare are headquartered in Irvine, California, has an R&D site in Cambridge, UK and sales offices in Taiwan and China

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Whitepaper: Social Networking Site Accelerates Network Performance

by Solarflare CommunicationsAug 17, 2011

myYearbook, an innovative and rapidly growing social media site, must manage the extraordinary demands caused by the explosive growth in traffic.

To do so, its engineers need to stay ahead of the curve on the deployment of leading edge technologies which both meet its current performance demands, but also provide headroom for growth.

Learn how myYearbook upgraded its infrastructure to improve network performance.

Whitepaper: Server Virtualization: Achieve Higher I/O Performance and Maintain Hypervisor-based Services

by Solarflare CommunicationsAug 17, 2011

Citrix partnered with Solarflare to develop a unique unified approach to SR-IOV that delivers unprecedented cut through I/O performance while maintaining full hypervisor-based management.

As a result, virtualized servers can now benefit from accelerated network performance as well as hypervisor-based services and management capabilities.

Learn how to achieve higher I/O performance, scale to consolidate more workloads, and maintain efficient hypervisor-based services and management.

Whitepaper: How to: Accelerate Web 2.0 Application Performance

by Solarflare CommunicationsAug 17, 2011

Memcached is a widely deployed distributed database caching technology implemented by tens of thousands of Web 2.0 sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,, Wikipedia, and Craigslist. Memcached accelerates dynamic web applications, and is an important part of many social networking and big data infrastructures.

Discover how Solarflare's 10GbE technology accelerates user access to Web 2.0 and learn how to improve the efficiency of the infrastructure to provide a better user experience, while managing increased users and traffic growth.

Whitepaper: Tips to Improve Network I/O Performance on Virtualized Servers

by Solarflare CommunicationsAug 17, 2011

Traditionally, virtualized servers have relied on the hypervisor to fully manage data flow, providing powerful services and management capabilities, but also introducing overheads that dramatically impact network I/O performance. The new PCI standard, single-root I/O virtualization, or SR-IOV, has emerged to address these performance issues.

This solution brief explains how to cost-effectively improve network I/O performance on virtualized servers and comply with the new standard.