Enterprise Architecture, the holistic view of an enterprises processes, information and information technology assets as a vehicle for aligning business and IT in a structured and therefore more efficient and sustainable way, has attracted significant attention over the last two to three years. Our experience and research shows that enterprise architecture hardly ever fails because of inadequate content. The challenges usually arise around how to link the enterprise architecture efforts into the overall enterprise processes, and how to leverage them as assets used regularly by a variety of stakeholders. This paper is the first of two parts. Part I describes how to embed an enterprise architecture function into an organisation effectively. After an overview of Infosys perspective on the subject, it introduces the governance dimensions of leadership, organisation and investment governance. For each dimension, practices which have proven effective in the past are described.

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Webcast: Digital Transformation – Priorities, Enablers, Challenges and Benefits

by InfosysFeb 18, 2015

In response to a variety of market forces, today’s insurers are undergoing an enormous transformation in order to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Carriers that embrace and leverage digital technologies will be in a position to meet ever more demanding customer demands – resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

However, implementing a great digital strategy can be challenging. Insurers need to first prioritize areas of digital intervention, clearly understand the digital enablers and know how to break through potential roadblocks and devise a reliable way to track the progress and successes of their digital journeys.

Join us for a webcast to learn about the challenges and obstacles insurers face in their digital journey and how savvy insurers are aligning their digital strategies to digital technology. Experts will discuss:

  • The current state of digital insurer initiatives across the US and Europe;
  • Critical innovation and change management strategies that insurers must follow for successful digital transformation;
  • Best practices for transforming an insurance organization into a true digital insurer.

Webcast: Simplify and Innovate the Way You Use the Cloud

by InfosysNov 14, 2014

Cloud computing has reached a tipping point for enterprises. Did you know that 81% of the companies we surveyed recently said that they are either using or planning to use mission-critical apps on the Cloud within the next two years?  Clearly, the Cloud adoption is no longer driven by cost savings, but by agility, simplicity, and a unified view of IT – according to the Infosys study - “Simplify and Innovate the Way You Consume Cloud", a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Infosys, October 2014

This Study also reveals that enterprises are struggling to bring together all their cloud services, from IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, public and private clouds to traditional IT. There are challenges in terms of user experience and consumption of cloud. So, how do you solve these problems?

Well, attend this webinar to learn from the results of this cloud computing survey and why you should:

  • Prioritize developing a comprehensive cloud strategy
  • Work with a cloud implementation provider
  • Bring together all of your cloud services

Register for this webinar to learn why you should consider a cloud ecosystem hub to show all of your cloud assets from one perspective.

Whitepaper: Social Tools for the Friendly Society

by InfosysNov 11, 2010

Today's highly secured multi-channel e-commerce technology, along with a fundamental online cultural revolution, has led to a new phenomenon that should be of particular interest to a friendly society like insurance, the social consumer. Social consumers' online habits are significantly different than their predecessors. They do everything online, including watch Television. Worldwide social networking users at close to 800 million have surpassed even email users. As advertising budgets have soared over the past decade, insurance companies have saturated traditional media channels in an attempt to maintain market share, but traditional advertising has little impact on the social consumer. Instead, social consumers trust the opinion of their own online community over any other trusted source.

The emergence of this new consumer is forcing carriers to re-evaluate social marketing, asking two fundamental questions:

• 1. How can an insurance company engage with social community users aka potential qualified leads and drive this next generation consumers to their website?

• 2. Once these consumers come to the website what can be done to enhance the online experience and convert more of the visitors and prospects into customers?

• The ensuing pages detail our point of view on how carriers can answer these two questions

Whitepaper: Doing Away with Paper: Improving Underwriting Efficiencies for a Life Insurer

by InfosysNov 03, 2010

A leading life insurance provider sought a business transformation through paperless transactions. Infosys� solution eliminated paper-related inefficiencies in the process and ensured it became faster and scalable. Our solution... improved money management, automated underwriting, automated requirements ordering and integrated case management. It helped the company reduce the operating cost for a �new business� by 15%. In addition, the solution reduced cycle time by 10 days resulting in operational savings of US$ 3.2 million.

Whitepaper: Insurance Distribution Effectiveness

by InfosysNov 03, 2010

Infosys INS DCS MAX (Insurance Direct Channel Sales Maximization) offers a suite of core strategies and enablers that compliment carriers' existing capabilities in social media and online acquisition, leveraging backend systems and the carriers' web presence. The solution enables a carrier to create a consistent public online presence and engage with prospective customers, implement true one touch (or no touch) processing, enhanced quoting speeds and the kind of real time on line experience that leads to web sales success. In addition, INS DCS MAX provides insight into customer preferences and buying behavior.

Whitepaper: Modernizing Insurance Legacy Systems for a Leading Provider of Annuity Products

by InfosysNov 03, 2010

The annuity division of one of the world's largest service companies wanted to improve customer service. Infosys partnered with the client to address the client's business goals. The Infosys team created a technology architecture... blueprint and improved process rigor, project management, quality focus and metrics tracking to enhance the effectiveness of delivery. Our solution enabled the client to improve customer satisfaction, accelerate time-to-market and enhance IT operational efficiency.

Whitepaper: Insurance Modernization

by InfosysNov 03, 2010

Our Insurance solution provides a comprehensive set of business and technology components to improve modernization planning and design, make a more robust case for change, increase the efficacy of the transition and optimize business value derived from modernization.

Whitepaper: Next Generation Insurance Practice

by InfosysNov 03, 2010

Infosys' Insurance Practice is enabling the creation of the Next Generation Insurance carrier through the use of technology in understanding the new customer, cocreating / innovative products that are aligned to market needs and expectations, targeting markets to optimize reach and conversion, ensure effective distribution and policy management and enabling the next generation service models to cater to the customer.

Whitepaper: Enabling Faster Product Innovation for a Leading LTC Provider

by InfosysNov 03, 2010

A joint venture of two top insurance companies operating in the US was looking to minimize the time-to-market of new products as well as enhance and improve its existing ones. Infosys used its RPI solution framework, to empower business users, externalize... product parameters and introduce the 'building block' approach to product construction. This helped the client introduce new products and revise existing products faster.

Whitepaper: Rapid Product Innovation

by InfosysNov 03, 2010

Infosys' Rapid Product Innovation solution helps carriers to implement product / plan changes faster and cost efficiently. It combines product introduction methodology, externalization of hard coded business rules, automated workflows, and integrated data management to deliver higher operational efficiency.