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Whitepaper: IDC Technology Spotlight: Advanced Network Security to Protect Against Cyberthreats

by FortinetNov 06, 2015

Traditional firewalls and standalone point security products can help but they can also add complexity, latency, and cost. But can you have your cake and eat it too? Yes you can do it all --

1) improve your network security
2) get more control
3) simplify your infrastructure by adopting a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW).
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Whitepaper: Internal Segmentation Firewalls: Protection From the Inside Out (IDC Analyst Connection)

by FortinetNov 06, 2015

This IDC Analyst Connection explains the role of Internal Network Segmentation Firewalls in protecting and segmenting the internal network, and discusses key features and benefits.

Whitepaper: CSO Survey - IT Executives Looking to Internal Segmentation Firewalls to Increase Protection

by FortinetNov 06, 2015

IDG on Why IT Leaders Adopting an New Class of Firewall - IDG Research survey delves directly into why IT leaders are deploying internal segmentation firewalls (ISFW) to guard against advanced threats and mitigate risk.

Whitepaper: SDN Security Framework

by FortinetNov 06, 2015

Software-defined Networks (SDN) & Their Security The SDN Security Framework clearly defines how security has to evolve across all layers of the Network Architecture to become as agile as the underlying compute, storage and network infrastructure. Use cases for SDN Security are discussed. Learn more now.

Whitepaper: Driving Agility and Security with Data Center Consolidation

by FortinetNov 06, 2015

Security must be holistically included in the end-to-end consolidation process from assessment/planning to execution and ongoing operations, and organizations should embrace physical and virtual technologies for securing and managing their network security. Learn more now.

Whitepaper: WAFs Are Worth the Investment for Enterprises

by FortinetNov 06, 2015

Read this Gartner Report and learn why Web Application Firewalls are an important investment for enterprises.

Whitepaper: Breach Detection - NSS Labs Recommended Rating

by FortinetNov 05, 2015

NSS Labs performs a thorough testing of Fortinet's Breach Detection solutions. Get the latest facts in this easy-to-read bottom-line NSS Labs Technology Report to see exactly why Fortinet earns a Recommended rating in its October 2015 testing.

Whitepaper: Enterprise Firewall Vendor Comparison Report

by FortinetNov 04, 2015

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This independent Mighty Guides report compares platform and performance specifications for mid-size enterprise Next Generation Firewalls from leading network security vendors.

Whitepaper: Software-Defined Security Framework

by FortinetAug 01, 2015

Understand the benefits of a Software-Defined Security (SDS) Framework that defines how security itself must fundamentally evolve across all layers of your Network Architecture. Common use cases are also discussed.

Whitepaper: NSS Labs 2015 Enterprise Endpoint Testing

by FortinetAug 01, 2015

NSS Labs tested 10 Enterprise Endpoint Platforms against live web-based exploits in active campaigns identified with NSS Cyber Advanced Warning System™. Fortinet's FortiClient earned the NSS Labs “Recommendation”. Learn more.