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Whitepaper: A New Class of Firewall - Internal Segmentation Firewall

by FortinetJul 21, 2015

Traditional firewalls are architected to the slower speeds on the Internet Edge so it's hard to deploy these security devices internally. Learn about Network Segmentation inside the perimeter.

Whitepaper: 5 1/2 Things that Make a Firewall "Next Gen"

by FortinetJul 20, 2015

Looking to reduce network security threats and consolidate infrastructure? Time for a Next Gen Firewall — learn what that means and exactly how those capabilities help.

Whitepaper: Next Generation Firewall Comparative Analysis

by FortinetJul 20, 2015

Who rates the Industry's Best Value in independent real-world tests from NSS Labs? Find out in this NSS Labs comparative testing and analysis report about security effectiveness and performance of leading NGFWs.

Whitepaper: Why Do You Need Sandboxing for Protection?

by FortinetJul 20, 2015

How do Advanced Persistent Attacks operate? How does sandboxing fit in? How can ATP detect attacks — even if they are previously unknown? Get all the details.

Whitepaper: The Fortinet Advanced Threat Protection Framework

by FortinetJul 20, 2015

Beat cyber criminals with an Advanced Threat Protection Framework. Integrate multiple types of security - that are applied from network core through to end user devices &emdash; covering prevention, detection and mitigation.

Whitepaper: Cybercriminals Today Mirror Legitimate Business Processes

by FortinetFeb 25, 2013

Law enforcement and domain registrars will continue to curb cybercrime efforts. This will likely be coordinated through CERT groups and relations with security firms. However, a more comprehensive, multi-layered approach to security will be key in bolstering that effort.

Whitepaper: High performance total protection Fortinet security solutions for the financial services sector

by FortinetFeb 22, 2013

Many Financial services organizations struggle with the competing demands of security and speed. What's more, the industry is facing a period of challenging and unpredictable economic circumstances, compounded by the likelihood of dramatic and on-going changes to the regulatory environment.