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Gould Fiber Optics

Gould Fiber Optics is a leading worldwide provider, manufacturer and distributor of fiber-optic components and sub-systems to the telecommunications, CATV, test equipment, sensor and medical industries. Established in 1985, Gould holds patents on a variety of important fiber optic components plus the GlasSolder® manufacturing process, a new glass-to-glass bonding technique that increases field reliability.

An innovator of fiber optic couplers Gould also delivers value-added services that match the quality and reliability of its products. The company offers custom sub-assembly of active and passive optical components into custom packaging, along with product design assistance and complete testing for specific applications. The company’s Integrated Solutions Group provide low-cost alternatives like custom subcontracting for advance technologies and high-volume production that is tailored to customer specifications.

Gould offers a wide breadth of products consisting of: fused and filtered based couplers and components, amplifier system components, CWDMs, WDMs, DWDMs, attenuators, polarization maintaining couplers, interconnect devices, EDFAs, transceivers, transmitters, receivers, fiber Bragg grating packaging , OADM, and planar waveguide technologies. Gould is ISO 9001 certified.

Gould Fiber Optics has maintained its position by leveraging existing and new technologies to provide quality and highly reliable fiber optic components and sub- systems for the next generation of optical communication.

Gould Fiber Optics
1121 Benfield Blvd.
Millersville, MD 21108
410.987.1201 (fax)

Phone: 410-987-5600
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