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Webcast: Heavy Reading Report: Mobile Network Outages & Service Degradations

by NetScout SystemsJan 08, 2014

In the high-demand mobile world, user experience is king. New devices and applications continue to stretch the limits of today’s mobile networks. Users are demanding faster access with increasing expectations for higher reliability and service quality. One bad customer experience can do real damage. And when it effects a sizable portion of your customer base, it can rapidly spin out of control.

According to a Heavy Reading report, network availability and performance issues have become the third leading cause of customer churn. In the mobile broadband era, when mobile networks don’t perform as expected, users blame the carrier whose name is on the phone – regardless of whose service they are consuming.

Join us for a look into the implications that service outages and degradations have on mobile networks and their users. Heavy Reading surveyed and interviewed mobile operators from around the world to understand the range, scope, and implications that performance problems create. In this webcast we will explore how and why mobile operators are suffering network outages and services degradations and their consequences and the remediation strategies of operators. We will explore strategies that mobile operators should adopt to predict and prevent problems, effectively triage, and quickly address outages and degradations.

This session will also look at how to leverage user experience data to track and trend the performance of networks and services for managing 3G and 4G/LTE networks to assure optimal data, voice, and video service performance, availability, and quality.

Key topics covered include:

• Results from the Heavy Reading survey analysis on outages and service degradations identifying where incidents occur most, the impact of LTE networks, and cost and operational implications
• Best-practices for real-time, user-centric analytics and multi-dimensional intelligence to proactively manage and improve the 3G and 4G/LTE mobile broadband user experience
• Best-practices and strategies to accelerate break-fix troubleshooting activities and an intelligent early warning framework to identify issues before large numbers of users are affected
• Leveraging customer-centric mobile data analytics to understand customer experience, track user experience, and sustain meaningful experiences through improved customer experience management activities
• Rolling out and managing next-generation IP services like VoLTE, streaming video, and Web-RCS to avoid performance problems