Nasuni offers a powerful Storage Infrastructure as a Service: a uniform, complete storage solution delivered as a service, enabling distributed organizations to offload the management of the storage infrastructure (including backup, replication and offsite protection) and consume storage on-demand. The solution combines the attributes of cloud storage with an on-premises controller all managed by a proprietary technology designed to deliver the same IT management and user experience provided by traditional storage. With Nasuni, corporate data is uniformly available in all locations, enabling organizations to increase user productivity, streamline costs and improve business agility.

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Whitepaper: The Top Ten Headaches Caused by Remote Office Storage

by NasuniMay 10, 2013

IT directors at growing, distributed enterprises face a number of unique challenges, particularly when it comes to storage. Nasuni has worked with hundreds of customers to alleviate the pain that today's enterprise IT departments face in trying to manage storage remotely.

We drew upon the insights and experiences of IT directors at enterprises that range from five to fifty locations and often cross multiple continents. In every case, IT has to ensure that all remote locations have the file access, capacity, performance, and protection to allow them to function effectively as part of the larger enterprise.

Whitepaper: Eliminating the Need for WAN Acceleration Using the Cloud

by NasuniMay 10, 2013

Data is an organization's most important asset and the ability to provide access where and when it is needed is vital to the success of every company.

Download this white paper to learn about how the cloud is an exciting new alternative to traditional WAN acceleration. Specifically:

•  WAN acceleration - the good and the bad
•  The cloud as the new data center
•  How Storage Infrastructure as a Service changes everything

Does the idea of ditching your WAN accelerators (and accompanying headaches) sound intriguing? Download this white paper to learn more!

Whitepaper: Storage Infrastructure as a Service:
The Best of Cloud and On-premises Storage

by NasuniJun 10, 2013

Storage Infrastructure as a Service (SIaaS) is a solution that leverages cloud storage and allows IT to centrally manage data storage delivered as a service. The solution is comprised of an on-premises controller combined with cloud storage and powered by an innovative technology, which altogether deliver a full enterprise-class data storage solution.

Read this white paper and discover the benefits of moving from traditional storage to Storage Infrastructure as a Service.