At AlienVault, we believe that open and collaborative is the best way for all companies to gain the security visibility they need. Our Unified Security Management (USM) platform provides a fast and cost-effective way for organizations with limited security staff and budget to address compliance and threat management needs. With all of the essential security controls already built-in, through out of the box integrations with dozens of sophisticated open source security technologies, USM puts enterprise-class security visibility within easy reach of smaller security teams who need to do more with less. AlienVault USM customers include government and educational entities, and enterprises of all sizes around the globe. For more information visit, or download the free 30-day trial:

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Latest Content From AlienVault

Whitepaper: Beginner's Guide to Open Source Intrusion Detection Tools

by AlienVaultMar 12, 2015

If you aren't already running network IDS, you should be. Whether you need to monitor hosts or the networks connecting them to identify the latest threats, there are some great open source intrusion detection (IDS) tools available to you. This guide provides an overview of some of the most popular Open Source IDS tools, along with pros/cons of each and learn more about implementing intrusion detection tools.

Research Report: 2015 SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey

by AlienVaultFeb 01, 2015

As malware becomes more commercialized, attackers are leveraging the same attack kits again and again. Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) offers the ability to detect attacks carried out using methods previously reported by others in the threat intelligence network. In the latest SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Survey, 69% of respondents said their organizations are now using CTI to some extent. Download the full survey report to learn more about how IT teams are using Cyber Threat Intelligence, and best practices for integrating it into your security operations.

Whitepaper: Best Practices for AWS Security

by AlienVaultJan 12, 2015

Amazon Web Services is one of the most secure public cloud platforms available, with deep datacenter security and many user-accessible security features. But, don't forget that you are still responsible for everything you deploy on top of AWS, and for properly configuring AWS security features. This paper covers AWS security best practices to get you started and focus your efforts as you begin to develop a comprehensive cloud security strategy.

Whitepaper: Unified Security Management vs. SIEM: A Technical Comparison

by AlienVaultSep 22, 2014

SIEM solutions have been widely adopted to help IT teams correlate data from a variety of security point products. However, traditional SIEM deployments require a great deal of time, money and expertise to properly normalize data feeds, create correlation rules to detect threats and tune those rules to limit false positives. Download this white paper to learn more about how a different approach - Unified Security Management (USM) - is delivering improved threat detection, starting on Day 1.

Webcast: Stop Malware in its Tracks with Crowd-Sourced Threat Intelligence

by AlienVaultJul 21, 2014

Threat sharing networks have been around for a long time; however they have typically been "invitation-only", available to only large companies, or those within a particular industry. AlienVault OTX is different. It is one of the first (and most diverse) threat sharing networks, open to everyone.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How threat intelligence is gathered and vetted in the Open Threat Exchange
  • How to use the threat data provided by OTX free services
  • Examples of the types of threats you can identify with OTX
  • Best practices to investigate and mitigate threats, including a quick tour of AlienVault USM

Register for this webinar to join AlienVault VP of Product Strategy, Russ Spitler, and Systems Engineer, Tom D'Aquino for a practical session covering how to use crowd-sourced threat intelligence to improve network security.

Webcast: How to Detect SQL Injection & XSS Attacks

by AlienVaultJun 03, 2014

Two of the oldest and most common attacks used against web applications -- SQL injection attacks and cross-site scripting attacks (XSS) -- continue to impact thousands of websites and millions of users each year. Finding these exposures quickly is essential in order to prevent system compromise and avoid information leakage. SIEM solutions can be invaluable in this effort by collecting and correlating the data you need to identify patterns that signal an attack.

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn:

  • What data you need to collect to identify the warning signs of an attack
  • How to use event correlation to detect cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection attacks
  • How to identify impacted assets so you can quickly limit the damage

View this webinar now to gain a clear picture of how to use SIEM technology to prevent SQL Injection and XSS attacks.

Whitepaper: Practioners Guide to SOC

by AlienVaultApr 17, 2013

This guide is intended to provide a technical audience the core information necessary to evaluate the security controls essential to establishing a Security Operation Center (SOC).

Whitepaper: Failing to Open

by AlienVaultApr 17, 2013

Our inability to share information about how we are being attacked, and who is launching those attacks, leaves us at a disadvantage. Sharing threat intelligence is the first step to changing the dynamics of this situation.