Whitepaper: 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup / Recovery

by AsigraOct 31, 2013

Gartner published its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup/Recovery for companies to pilot the many solutions to address their backup/recovery needs.

Whitepaper: Big Data Demands Big Changes To Legacy Backup

by AsigraOct 31, 2013

Download the Storage Switzerland report on backup software licensing placing undue burden on organizations and the new era of licensing to improve efficiencies and costs.

Whitepaper: New Storage Model Reflects Business Value And Immediate Cost Savings

by AsigraOct 31, 2013

Data backup and recovery is complicating traditional software licensing models. Discover:

� Four market imperatives for IT
� Why traditional software licensing models should change
� Flexible software licensing model examples
� An innovative backup and recovery pricing model.

Whitepaper: Licensing : The Next Great Disruptor to Data Protection Status Quo

by AsigraOct 31, 2013

Why pay for what you backup when it's about how much you recover? Download the ESG white paper to get the Bigger Truth on the new Asigra Recovery License Model.

Whitepaper: Paying a Fair Price For Data Backup

by AsigraOct 31, 2013

Backed up data volumes are growing three to four times faster than that of primary data. Learn how a new enterprise backup licensing model is helping organizations realize immediate savings of up to 40% on overall backup and recovery costs.