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Digital Service Cloud: The world's most powerful service platform on the cloud. Harnessing the power of experience with 10+ million service requests and scale, Digital Service Cloud empowers OEMs, Retailers, Telcos, and Global Service Providers to create high value customer relationships.Here is how you can leverage the Digital Service Cloud:Generate new service revenues through customer intelligence and engagement Unmask customer experience driven new service revenue opportunities. Grow and expand your suite of tech support services with predictive analytics that harvest the total revenue potential from a customer.Anywhere and anytime service delivery from the cloud Globally accessible, redundant, and highly scalable service cloud to deliver a consistent experience across multiple contact centers.Highly responsive and automated resolutions for tech support at a lower cost Digital Service Cloud provides rapid access to a collaborative support platform.

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Whitepaper: A Survival Guide for the Post-PC World

by Digital Service CloudJun 11, 2013

While the PC market faces widespread commoditization and consolidation, business models are changing to embrace economic realities and take advantage of emerging and disruptive technologies. This new business format has a counterbalancing impact on the poor customer service that resulted from commoditization. This disruption is based in cloud computing, and it has impacted the way companies support their customers, and how customers access services.

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