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Webcast: Best Practices on 5-Star Mobile App Performance and Experience

by CrittercismSep 09, 2013

Enterprises across multiple industries are now adopting mobile strategies and running mission critical services through mobile devices and apps.

In order to be successful, however, organizations must plan their mobile development and operation practices to ensure optimal app performance.

Watch the recording featuring guest speaker Jeffrey Hammond, Forrester Research, Inc. VP and Principal Analyst and Andrew Levy, CEO of Crittercism to learn the best practices to delivering world class mobile apps.

Specific topics covered in the 60-minute webinar include:

� Methodologies and processes for developing high-quality mobile apps
� Ways to measure and ensure app performance to delight your customers
� Forrester's best practices on delivering 5-star app performance and experience

Whitepaper: What is the True Cost of Failure in Mobile?

by CrittercismJul 16, 2013

The need for enterprises to find innovative solutions to enable their workforce, increase productivity, reach new customers, and grow their businesses through mobility is increasing. This paper will explore the necessity for mobile apps in the enterprise. It will also analyze the risk organizations take when sub-optimal mobile strategies are implemented. Calculating the cost of failure can be complicated, but taking steps to ensure that your enterprise links progress from development to deployment of mobile apps to understand the overall quality of a project before release is key. This paper will arm IT leaders with a way of calculating the true cost of failure inmobile apps, and offer a roadmap for success.

Whitepaper: New Problems Require Innovative Solutions

by CrittercismJul 16, 2013

Crittercism surveyed over 250 IT leaders to learn about their perceptions on mobility in the enterprise. Read about the challenges IT leaders face and how to go about solving these issues. Key findings include:

� An overwhelming majority of individuals experience challenges managing mobile app performance, yet only a small fraction implement solutions

� 45% of those who indicate having challenges with performance issues with their apps state that their main problem is being blamed for issues by users with slow connections to their device

� Lack of clear ownership over mobile app performance management continues to be a major problem for many organizations

� 46% of IT leaders indicate that small or startup vendors focused exclusively on mobile application management have shown the most progress

...many other findings included!

Whitepaper: Defining Mobile APM: Ensuring Superior Mobile App Performance to Build Business Advantage

by CrittercismJul 16, 2013

Application Performance Management (APM) 1.0 was defined years ago by Gartner as application performance monitoring for client server applications. In mobile, APM has taken on new and critical importance. This paper will explore the new role APM has taken, and help IT leaders understand where it can fit in their organization. One of the key findings collected in The Challenge of Application Performance in a Mobile Application World shows that organizations are currently behind the curve when it comes to managing and understanding mobile application performance and user experience. It reveals the number one pressure driving application performance strategies of organizations is the increased importance of mobile application access (69 percent). Read more to understand what mobile APM actually means, and how and where it can fit into your organization.