Dropbox lets you bring your docs, photos, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Keep files up-to-date across multiple devices and stay in sync with your team effortlessly. Dropbox for Business also offers administrative tools, phone support, and as much space as you need. To learn more about what Dropbox for Business can do for your organization, please visit or email us at

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Whitepaper: Kayak puts travel in the spotlight with Dropbox for Business

by DropboxNov 18, 2013

The improvements to workflows, organization, and file protection Dropbox for Business provides have come together to create more fluid processes across Kayak's product development and overall operations.

Whitepaper: Going local: How Foursquare Uses Dropbox for Business to stay in sync

by DropboxNov 18, 2013

Above all else, having local, centralized access to files is what makes Dropbox for Business most valuable to Foursquare.

Whitepaper: Khan Academy builds a global classroom with help from Dropbox for Business

by DropboxNov 18, 2013

Dropbox for Business has transformed operations at Khan Academy. Staff members no longer have to send files back and forth, keep track of edited versions, or worry about buying additional storage space.

Whitepaper: Dropbox for Business helps Rockstar Energy fuel its global team

by DropboxNov 18, 2013

Secure, instant access to files helps Rockstar Energy work at a fast pace and maintain maximum efficiency (a lot like its energy drinks!).

Whitepaper: Huge magnifies collaboration and productivity with Dropbox for Business

by DropboxNov 18, 2013

Dropbox for Business has impacted almost every department within Huge, providing a new, streamlined way for employees to tackle important, everyday tasks.