Whitepaper: A Guide on Moving Email Delivery to the Cloud

by DynSep 20, 2014

Email delivery is a full-time job for a team of IT specialists. Implementing and maintaining a highly scalable email delivery solution is a costly undertaking that diverts key resources from other business-critical initiatives.

Whitepaper: A Guide to Transactional Email

by DynAug 10, 2014

It's well known that transactional email is used to send out shipping notices or password resets, but did you know that due to its high click-through rates, it can be a great way to communicate with your customers? With this guide, find out what you might be missing in your transactional emails.

Whitepaper: Email Security For IT: How to keep your Brand Safe

by DynAug 10, 2014

In a world where we hear about website and email hacks almost daily, implementing security provisions is no longer an option. Not only can phishers hurt your company and customers, but your brand can take a beating too. Find out what you should be implementing to keep your brand safe.

Whitepaper: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Infrastructure for Disaster

by DynAug 09, 2014

The term "disaster recovery" assumes that you wait until something terrible happens to take action. While it's great to know how to recover when disaster strikes, wouldn't you rather prevent it from happening in the first place? Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to preventing outages and downtime, but if you follow these key areas of preparation, you can greatly reduce your risk.

Whitepaper: Everything You Need to Know about a DDoS Attack

by DynAug 09, 2014

For ecommerce giants, just a second of downtime could mean thousands in lost revenue. Even if your company isn't as large as Amazon or eBay, any amount of profit loss due to downtime should be cause for concern. Not only do you miss a potential sale in real time, that customer is less likely to come back and try to purchase from you again in the future.

Whitepaper: 5 DNS Security Risks That Keep You Up At Night

by DynAug 09, 2014

When it comes to keeping your DNS secure, do you know what you're up against? Here are five of the most pervasive DNS threats that you need to be thinking about, and how to keep them from creating a performance or security nightmare.