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Tenable Network Security provides continuous network monitoring to identify vulnerabilities, reduce risk and ensure compliance. Tenable Network Security's family of products includes SecurityCenter Continuous View and Nessus.

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Whitepaper: 3 Real-World Challenges Facing Cybersecurity Organizations: How an Exposure Management Platform Can Help

by TenableFeb 21, 2023

Implementing an exposure management program enables security professionals to better allocate time and resources so they can focus on taking the actions that legitimately reduce their risk.

Read this whitepaper to learn about:

  • 3 real-world challenges facing cybersecurity organizations
  • The building blocks of an exposure management program
  • Key benefits of an exposure management platform
  • 3 things to look for in an exposure management platform
  • Introducing the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform

Whitepaper: Focus on the Vulnerabilities that Pose the Greatest Risk

by TenableAug 31, 2020

Too many vulnerabilities to manage? Try a new approach

Security teams are dealing with more vulnerabilities than they can handle. Spreading these limited -- and valuable -- resources too thin can quickly lead to inefficiency and job burnout. The last thing you need is to waste precious time remediating vulnerabilities that pose little to no risk.

With risk-based vulnerability management, you can automate the prioritization process. You'll know exactly which vulnerabilities are likely to be exploited -- and the ones that will cause the biggest impact on the business. Download the Focus on the Vulnerabilities That Pose the Greatest Risk ebook now to:

• See how risk-based vulnerability management answers, "What should we fix first?"
• Understand why legacy vulnerability management is no match for today's digital world
• Find out why CVSS fails as a prioritization tool -- and why it's imperative to consider business context, including vulnerability data, threat intelligence and asset criticality

Whitepaper: Forrester: The Rise of the Business-Aligned Security Executive

by TenableAug 31, 2020

How Secure Are We?

Only the business-aligned cybersecurity leader can answer with confidence

Business leaders want a clear picture of their organization's cybersecurity posture -- "How secure, or at risk, are we?" -- but many security leaders struggle to answer that question, let alone accurately communicate this information. Tenable commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a global independent study to find out why -- and what you can do about it.

Whitepaper: How to Prioritize Risk Across the Cyberattack Surface

by TenableAug 31, 2020

Security leaders need to understand vulnerabilities in context and use that data to prioritize their team's efforts. But, there's a problem: The number of vulnerabilities has nearly tripled in the last couple of years, creating too much data for teams to process on their own.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

• Why CVSS is a poor indicator of risk and fails as a tool for prioritization
• How machine learning capabilities can help you predict the vulnerabilities most likely to be exploited
• Why it's essential to factor in asset criticality when prioritizing vulnerabilities for remediation

Download How to Prioritize Risk Across the Cyberattack Surface now.

Whitepaper: How to Implement Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

by TenableAug 31, 2020

Security teams struggling to stay ahead of vulnerabilities are stretched thinner and thinner. And, if they're using legacy approaches, chances are they're spending most of their time on vulnerabilities that won't be exploited. Meanwhile, they're missing dangerous vulnerabilities in the environment -- leaving the organization exposed to unnecessary risk.

Risk-based vulnerability management offers a smarter approach to protecting the business based on machine learning-generated risk models. It helps security teams focus on the vulnerabilities that pose the biggest immediate risk to your organization.

Ready to make the move to risk-based vulnerability management? Download How to Implement Risk-Based Vulnerability Management ebook to:

• Learn concrete actions you can take to adopt risk-based VM
• Discover how machine learning capabilities can help you reduce the greatest amount of risk with the least amount of effort
• Learn about the five steps in the risk-based vulnerability management lifecycle

Whitepaper: Reference Architecture: Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

by TenableAug 31, 2020

Need to evolve a risk-based vulnerability management strategy but don't know how? This guide will show you.

Implementing a risk-based approach to VM is easier than you think. And, once you evolve to this proactive, strategic methodology, you can immediately begin reaping the benefits of a VM program that delivers the dynamic, continuous visibility you need to reduce critical business risk and make the most efficient use of your limited security resources. This comprehensive guide will walk you through:

• The five steps of how to migrate from legacy VM to risk-based VM
• Recommended tools, products and partner integrations for each procedural step
• Key questions to ask before making a purchase decision

Whitepaper: Risk-Based Vulnerability Management: The Best Way to Prioritize

by TenableJun 05, 2020

Everyone in security knows that there are no guarantees against breaches, so a proactive defensible approach is the next best thing. The easiest way to do that? Risk-based vulnerability management. Download this whitepaper to learn how to prioritize the real threats to the business.

Research Report: Tenable Research: How Lucrative are Vulnerabilities?

by TenableJun 05, 2020

At Tenable Research, our primary focus is on managing vulnerabilities, as well as their associated cyber risk. This research report describes the vulnerability-to-exploit (V2E) cybercrime and cybersecurity supply chain, outlines the players in the different market segments and provides insights into the related economic drivers. It also demonstrates how the V2E supply chain is shared between market segments and players with opposing objectives--disclose and defend versus obfuscate and attack. Download the report to learn more!

Whitepaper: Container Security Best Practices: A How-To Guide

by TenableJun 05, 2020

With containers, DevOps is finally living the dream-- "write once, deploy anywhere." Containers offer seamless portability across different computing environments, making it much easier for developers to build and deploy applications. With DevOps and IT blissfully on board, where does that leave security?

The truth is, containers also create a major cyber exposure gap. Traditional vulnerability management approaches can't easily secure containers. Download this ebook to learn how to crush container security.

Whitepaper: SANS Whitepaper: Practical Industrial Control System Cybersecurity

by TenableJun 05, 2020

Based on a recent Industrial IoT security conducted by SANS, the use and benefits derived from information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) convergence are growing and enabling more effective management and operation of contemporary control systems.

This paper explores the issues that arise with the blending of IT and OT where risk must be identified and managed. Download this whitepaper to learn how to make more informed decisions about how to build stronger cybersecurity programs to protect IT/OT systems.